Captain Underpants Just Got Semi-Cancelled By 2021, One Book

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Captain Underpants gets semi-cancelled

The news has released early that a book from the infamous Captain Underpants series just got pulled amid passive racism allegations. The book is one that I personally have never read, but here we are…

The Book Fair.
Ya either was prepared or ya had to sit it out.
I’ve been through both scenarios.

Captain Underpants Just Had One Book Pulled

The Adventures of Ook and Gluk
Kung-Fu Cavemen From The Future (2010)

Has just been pulled by Scholastic everywhere as it has been deemed harmful to Asian readers. Again, haven’t read this one. But, it seems to me like racial comedy is as dead as doorknobs.

confirmed, for now.

It seems as if everything is in danger.

  • Harry Potter
  • To Kill A Mocking Bird
  • The Muppets

I’ve said ZERO about any of this shit, but if we questioning the sole reason why I even read a book, then we may just be overthinking.

watching the movie tonight.

This isn’t even racial comedy. It’s just a book publisher getting nervous as fuck and trying to stay in line with the mainstream opinion.

GTA is in trouble, all I know.

Didn’t read the book, so this doesn’t upset me. But, it worries me on what will get cancelled next if I’m being honest. WWE is already pulling majority of their vulgar content from the late 90’s. Letting some company called fucking peacock control their swords.

Again, I’m worried about GTA at this point.

something here will be deemed offensive.

But, not worried enough to forget about my vehicle getting the proper care it needs when necessary. Head over to Midas on Canal Street and let em know ya hold mayo when ya get there. Just saying that alone is gonna kick-off ya fantastic experience with Mista Vince DiVincent right away.



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