CFB Week 6 Mayo Spreads And Predictions From NOLA

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CFB Week 6 Mayo Spreads

Ride the proven path for CFB Week 6 this weekend. Don’t steer away from the ones who have shown you they can get the job done and put the dollars in ya pockets. Sometimes we get too high on our weekend and forget who the fugazi’s are in this whole game of wagers.


For example:

Ya don’t fuck with Notre Dame. Rudy was a cool movie and all, the colors are cool, but that doesn’t mean they gonna win you money. Stop making that mistake and be done with them for wagering eternity. Same can be said with teams like Wisconsin and literally any team in the PAC12. Take the risk, but just know nothing ever stays consistent.


Last week, Fresno was the last team of a 5 leg parlay pudding and completely blew it while everyone was sleeping thinking they would take care of business. DO NOT TRUST THESE FLAKES.

The New Age

That’s right. If ya ain’t caught on yet, time to catch on to the new wave of wager winners in college football CONSISTENTLY. That’ll bring me to my first mayo spread selection tonight, Coastal Carolina.

Here is a squad that will go out there and do whatever it takes to cover ya line in swaggy fashion. If ya had $30 left to ya name, put it on Coastal Carolina to cover for several reasons. They cover, the competition can’t fuck with them 99% of the time and they have a fantastic QB running the ship in Grayson McCall. Coastal has covered every time they’ve been favored by 19.5 or more points and they will again tonight against Arkansas State.

Mayo Spread Selection: Coastal -19.5


Roll Wave

Roll exactly how ya always flop and roll, which is why I shouldn’t have had so much faith in Tulane last weekend. Not a proven warrior in the spread and wager world as we sit today.

That is exactly why I’ll take Houston and the points tonight after HOUSTON took care of business last weekend in convincing fashion as an underdog. They are the hotter and more motivated football team right now.

Mayo Spread Selection: Houston -6

The Rest

Without analyzing each and every fucking pick on the table, here is the entire menu for CFB week 6 on Mayo Spreads.

CFB Week 6
Mayo Spreads

I’ve called Michigan Fugazi’s in the past, but this year they have consistently proven me wrong with calculated and conservative winning football. Still would never rely on them for a parlay, too much pressure. Iowa has been playing fantastic on both sides of the ball and making statement wins. Alabama doesn’t stop destroying folks this weekend. Elite worries only.

As always, Mayo Spreads is presented by Midas on Canal street. If ya follow Hold The Mayo and live in New Orleans go get ya service done at Midas on Canal to keep the shit local. Trust that Midas touch.


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