Chief Le’Veon – Madden Style Manipulation

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We’ve all been there. You just scooped up the new Madden and start your franchise aiming to stack your team with a bunch of studs. Just when you think you’re on your way to a dynasty and get that green approval status bar with the patented Madden Style Manipulation, you read that dreaded error:

Salary Cap? Hasn’t Madden heard of Loomis?

So rather than simply sit there and suck it up, you head on over to the Settings tab and scroll down to “Salary Cap” option and turn that bitch to “off.” Now you are free to wheel and deal as if you were an NBA team with unlimited luxury tax. Almost feels as if you hop into the shoes of Mickey Loomis but just without the dreaded fear of voided years or Brees’ contract finally hitting the books.

Well. That shit just happened in real life.

Unless you were living under a rock yesterday, and hey let’s face it you might have a valid excuse b/c Twitter was down on some bullshit, you’ll have heard that the Kansas City Chiefs signed Le’Veon Bell. Just 2 days after the God Damn Jets unexplainably released the former All-Pro RB, he was just sitting there for the defending SuperBowl champs to somehow scoop up on a 1 year deal.

Absolutely disgusting.

This whole Belichick-ian situation immediately brings 2 key topics to mind:

1. Are the Chiefs the new Patriots?

Nail on Head.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely hated how the Patriots pulled that shit every year with guys like Moss, Ocho Cinco, Antonio Brown, etc. It’s actually comforting to watch them struggle this year even with Cam lookin’ like a coup. However, I didn’t think the Chiefs would turn into the fuckin’ Warriors after one SB title. Is this a sign that Patty Mahomes is going to turn into LeBron?

Speaking of Ocho Cinco, let’s check on how he’s feeling about this latest news:

2. How fuckin’ miserable are the New York Football Jets?

Just for shits and giggles, let’s run though Lev Bell’s career in the Big Apple:

  • 17 Games Played
  • 264 Total Rushing Attempts
  • Longest Run was 19 Yards
  • ZERO 100 Yard Games
  • 4 Total TDs
  • $27 Million in Cabbage Collected

And get this. The fucking Jets are still paying him 6 million samoleons even AFTER he signed with the Chiefs. Your boy Bell is steady stacking cheese and is more than likely about to add a ring to his collection.

Weird flex, but fuckin’ A.

Adam Gase is absolutely running what was already a horrible franchise straight into the depths of football hell which they might never recover from. You thought that Rex Ryan knew how to commit career suicide? Gase is like “Hold My Beer” or whatever other kinda substances he was on at the intro press conference.

This dude is Holdin’ something.

Which brings us full circle.

Yes, the Chiefs are still celebrating in their Superbowl high and now they have real life cheat codes. And how in the Mickey Loomis Hell are they pulling this shit off under the current cap rules? It surely seems as if they’ll be tomahawk choppin’ their way to a repeat Lombardi with this recent news. I wonder if they’ll figure out how enact trade overrides before the deadline coming up?

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Hold It.

Chief Le’Veon – Madden Style Manipulation

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