Colt Brennan Has Died At 37 Years Old, Do You Remember This Legend?

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Colt Brennan Dies at 37

Hearing the news that Colt Brennan has died unexpectedly is pretty gut wrenching. May come as a shock to many southern Louisiana folks, but Colt Brennan in 2006 was my fucking boy. Loved watching this dude play football at Hawaii and it really was some incredible QB shit at the time. Will never forget going to the Sugar Bowl in 2008 when Hawaii played Georgia and thinking Colt could pull that one out. Wasn’t a doubt in my mind.

Legendary Hawaii QB Colt Brennan dies at 37.

Colt Brennan Went TF OFF In College

The dude had thrown for 14,000 fucking yards up until that point with over 130 touchdowns in four seasons. One of those seasons was as a freshman at ‘Saddleback College’ in 2004. Fought his way to Hawaii.

The dude could fucking throw the rock and put Hawaii in a serious and recognizable position from 2005-2008.

  • Finished 6th in the 2006 Heisman race behind Troy Smith, McFadden, Brady Quinn, Steve Slaton, and Mike Hart.
  • Went on to finish 3rd in the 2007 Heisman race behind two college football Gods in Tim Tebow and Darren McFadden. Ahead of Chase Daniel.

Just an incredible collegiate career at a school that was considered a bunch of wussies in the game of football up until that point. Did Colt put them on the map forever? Nah, can’t say that. But, he is the greatest QB in Hawaii football history along with factually one of the greatest in NCAA football history all together. Homie threw for 58 touchdowns in 2006. That season is forever imprinted in my mind as a football fan. Just a really good time.

Keep in mind this is the early 2000’s!

Brennan Numbers, UNREAL.

My buddy Thompson has a knack for texting me as notable deaths happen in the world. He’s done it like several times before. Today he texted me “RIP Colt Brennan” and I fucking lost it. He knows that Colt had a fan in me. Sad conclusion.

Not sure what all transpired towards the end of his life and after his brief stint with the Washington Football Team, but it seems like it went really down hill for the fella. Several arrest up until his eventual passing today seem to put a little writing on the walls for folks, but 37 years old is all too young for anyone to go out. Especially, a legend like Colt Brennan.

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