I Did A Mock Draft To Prove The “Experts” Are Idiots.

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2020 Quarantine Draft

What The Hell Do We Know?

Walpole and myself took a stab at the first round of the NFL Draft. With literally no sports going on this was the most entertainment we could drum up. So Check out our 2020 NFL Mock Draft.

Round One – Top Five NFL Mock Draft

1) JOE BURROW – QB – LSU – Senior (RS) – Picked By The Bengals

“There will be tons of teams trying to trade up to get this spot but I don’t believe they have enough assets to get the number one pick. Burrow is now the face of the Bengals.” – Walpole

“Miami has all the the assets a team would need to trade for the number one spot. But I don’t think the Bengals budge. Burrow comes off the board first in 2020.” – Clemons

2) CHASE YOUNG – DE – Ohio State – JR – Picked By The Redskins

“Even though it seems the Redskins draft D-Line every year they can’t pass up this talent. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Riverboat Ron trade down and take a QB after Haskins struggled last season.” – Walpole

“Chase is the consensus next best player on the board, that doesn’t always win games. If I was the Redskins I’d go OT and take Wirfs. But hey they seem to like losing in Washington. So Chase Young it is.” – Clemons

3) JEFF OKUDAH – CB – Ohio State – JR – Picked By The Lions

“After the trade of Slay this just makes sense. So many holes on defense they have to start somewhere. Would not be surprised if they moved down to add picks.” – Walpole

3) JUSTIN HERBERT – QB – Oregon – SR – Picked By The Dolphins

“The Dolphins move up to secure their pick, and the do it with out really disrupting the order. Herbert is the safer bet at QB with no health concerns. This also allows detriot to add some value to Okudah who they take at the five spot.” – Clemons

4) TRISTAN WIRFS – OT – Iowa – JR – Picked By The Giants

“The Giants have needs all over their defense but with Barkley and Jones as the future you have to keep them protected.” – Walpole

“The NY Giants are a dumpster fire outside of Barkley, so they do the safest and smartest thing possible. Take the best O lineman the draft has to offer.” – Clemons

5) TUA TAGOVAILOA – QB – Alabama – JR – Picked By The Dolphins

“Even though Herbert might be the safer pick. I think Miami grabs the player with the higher ceiling of the two.” – Walpole

5) JEFF OKUDAH – CB – Ohio State – JR – Picked By The Lions

“The Lions get their guy to fill Slay’s spot om the field with some added value by moving back two spots.” – Clemons

Round One 6 – 10 NFL Mock Draft

6) JUSTIN HERBERT – QB – Oregon – SR – Picked By The Chargers

“With Rivers’ departure from the Chargers, Herbert becomes the new face of the Franchise.” – Walpole

6) TUA TAGOVAILOA – QB – Alabama – JR – Picked By The Chargers

“Not a single person on the Chargers organization thinks Tyrod Taylor is the guy to lead them into the future. But I’d be willing to bet they think Tua is.” – Clemons

7) ISAIAH SIMMONS – LB – Clemson – JR (RS) – Picked By The Panthers

“With the departure of Kuechly, I think Simmons fits the role and with his hybrid play he could become the best defensive player in this draft” – Walpole

“This is a reach if I have ever witnessed one. Simmons is the what “Experts” call a hybrid player, that’s code for positionless. Simmons flops in the NFL he may have a decent career but there are better players getting drafted after him.” – Clemons

8) JEDRICK WILLS – OT – Alabama – JR – Picked By The Cardinals

“With the acquisition of Nuke this just makes sense. Protect Murray at all cost” – Walpole

“Easiest Pick in the entire draft, Keep Murray off the ground.” – Clemons

9) DERRICK BROWN – DT – Aubrun – SR – Picked By The Jaguars

“With the departure of Cambell and the uncertainty of Ngakoue this just makes sense.” – Walpole

“Cambell out Brown in. This shit isn’t hard to figure out.” – Clemons

10) ANDREW THOMAS – OT – Georgia – JR – Picked By The Browns

“Baker needs some protection, no brainer pick here.” – Walpole

“The Browns roster is slim at Oline, Thomas will fix that.” – Clemons

Picks 11 to 16 NFL Mock Draft

11) MEKHI BECTON – OT – Louisville – JR – Picked By The Jets

“I know receiver seems like the pick here but with Darnold as the franchise QB you have to make sure to keep him upright.” – Walpole

“I like Ruggs, Lamb, or Jeudy here but it doesn’t matter if you had all three if Darnold is laying on his back before they had time to get open.” – Clemons

12) JERRY JEUDY – WR – Alabama – JR – Picked By The Raiders

“Carr needs weapons and what better weapon than the best WR in the draft.” – Walpole

“Jeudy would be a nice addition, offers value at this point in the draft. Wouldnt be shocked if the Raiders move back in the draft.” – Clemons

13) HENRY RUGGS III – WR – Alabama – JR – Picked By The 49ers

“This fills the void Emmanuel Sanders left.” – Walpole

“Ruggs will add some talent to a depleted WR core” – Clemons

14) JOSHUA JONES – Houston – OT – SR (RS) – Picked By The Buccaneers

“All those weapons means Brady needs to stay standing” – Walpole

“They’ve got every other position covered and their Oline is already decent. Protect Brady and Win!” – Clemons

15) CEEDEE LAMB – Oklahoma – WR – JR – Picked By The Broncos

“With Drew Lock the heir apparent for this season he needs receivers. Lamb just maybe the best WR in the draft.” – Walpole

“Find a hole and Fill it” – Ron Jeremy” – Clemons

16 – 32 The Rest Of Round One

16) CJ HENDERSON – CB – Florida – JR – Picked By The Falcons

17) K’LAVON CHAISSON – DE – LSU – Soph (RS) – Picked By The Cowboys

18) JAVON KINLAW – DT – South Carolina – SR – Picked By The Dolphins

19) JORDAN LOVE – QB – Utah State – JR (RS) Picked By The Raiders

20) JUSTIN JEFFERSON – WR – LSU – JR – Picked By The Jaguars

21) KENNETH MURRAY – LB – Oklahoma – JR – Picked By The Eagles

22) JAYLON JOHNSON – CB – Utah – JR – Picked By The Vikings

23) A.J. EPENESA – DE – Iowa – JR – Picked By The Patriots

24) PATRICK QUEEN – LB – LSU – JR – Picked By The Saints

25) TEE Higgins – WR – Clemson – JR – Picked By The Vikings

26) JOSHUA JONES – OT – Houston – SR (RS) – Picked By The Vikings

27) AUSTIN JACKSON – OT – USC – SR – Picked By The Seahawks

28) ZACK BAUN – LB – Wisconsin – SR (RS) – Picked By The Ravens

29) YETUR GROSS-MATOS – DE – Penn State – JR – Picked By The Titans

30) BRANDON AIYUK WR – Arizona State – SR – Picked By The Packers

31) XAVIER MCKINNEY – S – Alabama – JR – Picked By The 49ers

32) D’ANDRE SWIFT – RB – Georgia – JR – Picked By The Chiefs

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