Cowboy Cerrone Gives Zero Fucks

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Cowboy Cerrone

Cerrone Tells A Keyboard Warrior to Pull Up!

Keyboard Warriors have been after Cerrone since he lost to Conor Mcgregor at UFC 247. You know the Stephen A. Smiths of the world who have zero life but to criticize others. Well, this one poor fucker just erkked Cowboy Cerrone’s taters so much he told the troll to show up and fight him.

No Bullshit Cerrone gave this cat along with with the other 2.4 Million Instagram followers his real address and told them he’d leave the gate open. You can bet your left nut that gate is wide open.

Zero chance @timmuts shows up.

6 Kalma ln Edgewood, NM 87015, So I had to know is this really the BMF Ranch. A quick google search was in order. A few keystrokes later and I find this.

Cowboy Cerrone’s BMF Ranch

That my friends is indeed the BMF Ranch. I was not surprised to find the address being real. Cerrone seems to have had enough of people saying he took a dive. Which he clearly didn’t, Mcgregor is just that good. So if you have a problem with Cowboy Cerrone then just pull up. I’m sure he will beat your ass then play paintball with ya.

Never Change Cowboy Never Change.

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