CoxSux Isn’t Just A T-Shirt, It’s A Full Blown Movement

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When taking a gander at this subtle and simple CoxSux shirt, one may think it isn’t worth their time. That is until the wrath of unforgiving Cox hits them right in their face. See, that is where the oh so not gracious fellas over that space center are able to get away with murder.

CoxSux 2021

if ya been affected, grab it now.
these will come in handy soon.

Definition of murder in this case:

Take ya time reading this as it’s a high in volume and fuckery. This all has happened at SpreadQuarters in the last year since COVID.

  • advertising 30Mbps upload speed in a premium GigaBlast plan, but never truly giving you that speed. IN FACT, it is so not gonna fucking happen that they now say “up to 30Mbps” to cover whatever ass they have left.
    • the space center is currently charging mayo $29.99 extra a month on top of the gigablast plan to keep my internet from not being a straight 5 upload speed at vital hours.
look how disgusting that speed is compared to what they will charge ya and go to sleep at night with.
  • not admitting that their grid is a catastrophe in certain locations due to high usage with the fact that more people are home now. They’ll INSTEAD graciously charge ya $75 bucks to send an innocent and clueless technician out only to tell ya that everything looks fine. Had one honest fella finally tell me that this was indeed the case.
  • FEES, FEES, FEES, while ya upload speed is at 5 and lower on nights that it matters.
  • WILL DISCONNECT within TWO months if fees are not paid.
  • charged $120 extra for mayo not returning a $5.99 a month box within two weeks. As if they needed to put that on the account to remind me to run over to Cox during phase fucking one to go have a big flesh party.
    • mayo returned box in right under 3 months.
    • the extra charge was not paid during that time, so COXSUX disconnected mayo during his best show on FMF a month ago because of the LINGERING hold charge that was pending removal for TWO WEEKS after the box was returned.
    • reconnection fee? $25 for the good guys.

HTM vs. CoxSux

I personally can contest to everything above and many folks are reading this saying, “yep, those dirty sob’s” because it’s true.

factual space ship evidence.

Hands down the worst fucking people to deal with since COVID-19 took over the world in early 2020. The amount of hours I’ve logged with the idiots at that space center is truly unfathomable to the point I now record every single call and play it for the next person I speak with because they not gonna remember a thing.

Straight Snow Like Jon,

They Know Nothin’

latest call to the space center.

Total bill to get fucked by space center monthly? Glad ya asked…


Now imagine how many other are just getting drilled by a company that has no plans on:

  • updating their equipment on the street for residential homes or whatever the fuck is going on with the space center’s grid.
  • ending senseless fees during times of struggle.
  • investigating disconnect over BLATANT errors on their part.
  • communicating a single fucking thing to their superiors to help folks who are getting dismal upload speeds.

It’s all a big joke at these space cadets.

Since comedy is the only way out it seems,

Let’s shove it right up their ass with COXSUX.

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