Craig’s Checkered Flag Report: Quaker State 400

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Craig's Checkered Flag Report: Quaker State 400

Y’all too kind for reading this weeks Checkered Flag Report for the Quaker State 400. Willing to get slippery and dirty?! This one and half mile wanna be tri-oval goes hard as piss in Sparta, Kentucky. Take the time to read this report, or kiss my Lake Charles balls. Which, are incredible.

My balls have been saved.

Checkered Flag Report Disclaimer

Craig wrote this entire blog. I just helped put it on wordpress for him. Don’t take my face at the top serious what so ever. All Craig Granger and I’d never want to be involved.

The banks ain’t that high so we going FAST AS FUCK the whole time. Them boys gonna be racing like they at the Derby. Lotta dirt and shit in your face. That being said, they racing for points and getting ready for the playoffs. Look for mother fuckers going hard as fuck trying to get them points. We already had one fight already between Noah Gragson and Harrison Burton on Friday at the X-finity race.

Put ya big boy pants on.

Quaker State Tension

Temper’s will be flaring, cars will be wrecking, and possibly some fist flying this afternoon. Hopefully, mother nature will be on the good side today. We need the sky to stay as blue as blue balls and blue grass.

Smoke em if you got em…

Craig’s Quaker State Kit

  • Banjo and/or fiddle
  • Bourbon or Whiskey (Jim Beam)
  • Tres pack of Budweiser to make Boilermakers.
  • Kiddie pool
  • Red 100 cigarettes
  • Favorite bluegrass playlist

Y’all seen this fella’s picks this morning?

Notta shot.

Craig’s Checkered Flag Report

Quaker State 400


Craig, From Lake Charles.

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