Craig’s Checkered Flag Report: ROVAL 400

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Ya’ll ready for the Roval out there in Charlotte, North Carolina? Cause we about to have some fun out there in the rain. Usaully, you’d be running about 600 miles but – not today! Today we’re running the road course over there around Tabacco Road.

Chase gonna win it today

The Roval is a two and quarter mile, seventeen turn, banked up freak. Look for some of these guys that aren’t in the race for the cup to push the issue. This is a course that will defently test your G. Look out for wrecks in turn one all day long.

Rain tires are a MUST today

According, to the weather report Mother Nature is about to take a shit on us once again, There wont be any rain delys today though. They riding with windshield wipers today. Them pit crews better have them goodyear rain tires on deck cause they gonna needed em.

These ribs are going to be fire
We getting Vertical, Baby!

So go ahead and finish cutting the grass and picking up all that shit from Delta. Fire up the grill and crack you a cold one. Pack them Red 100’s cause we going racing, baby, The boys about to go Fast As Fuck and get rowdy as fuck out there on the Roval. Let’s go racing!

Craig from Lake Charles


Red 100’s

Tres Pack of Busch

Bottle of favorite Moonshine

At least 3 packs of ribs



Petey Pablo- Raise Up

Eric Church- Carolina

Randy Travis- He Walked on Water

J.Cole- No Role Modelz

Da Baby- BOP on Broadway

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