Craig’s Checkered Flag Report: Season Finale 500

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Throw it all out the window, put the petal to the metal, and gas it up. We’re going Fast as Fuck on Championship weekend. This is for all the marbles, baby. And, best believe the ice chest is filled up, the barbeque pit is lit, the kiddie pool is half way full and you know we got a Red 100 hanging off our lip.

Even though Chase hss to start from the back of the field he’s still gonna grab the Checkered Flag. It’s about to go down.

The Last Ride of the 2020 Season

We got 500 miles of left turns, four wides, spin outs, bumper touching, wall riding and the inevidable ” Big One”. It’s going all the way down at the Seaon Finale 500 at Phoenix Raceway. This dog-legged asphalt oval is definitely going to make you’re fucking head spin. When they catch that clean air they’re going be hard to catch.

Air should be nice and clean out there is the desert.
The only win that really matters.

There are only four drivers that are eligable to win the cup today: Joey Logano, Chase Elliott, Brad keselowski and Denny Hamlin. All the stage points are going to matter today. We have a couple legends hanging it up after today though.

Legends are Departing

Now, This will be the last race for Clint Bowyer and Jimmie Johnson, they’re retiring after this season. The 10 time NASCAR Cup race winner, Clint Bowyer, is taking his talent to the booth to be an announcer for Fox Sports. He’s one of the coolest motherfuckers in NASCAR.

Clint just out here trying to have a good time.

And, now the GOAT, Jimmie Johnson…. he can do whatever the hell he wants. In, fact, he can be a sky-driver, pro golfer, or your local high school driving instructor. If you’ve won as many races as the man has won you deserve your freedom. But, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be taking his talents and racing INDY car.

The last ride.

This is going to be the last ride of the 2020 NASCAR season. There will be fans in the stand and the infield. So Reve it up loud, crank up the music, get your favorite cut-off’s ready and get vertical as fuck. This shit is about to be Lit!

Craig in Lafayette

Ya’ll out here trying to go Fast As Fuck on the regular? Go see our people at Midas. They got you covered from the brakes to the exhaust. They got everything you need to stayed tuned up and ready to go!

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