RB&R Day 89: Wag’s Food And Culture

RB&R Day 89

The Westbank can collectively celebrate as RB&R Day 89 was a complete smoke show over at Wag’s on the Westbank. Wag’s is just one of them spots that folks gonna tell ya about when the hot plate conversation is active. Anybody over at that place is down to ride for Wag’s. The owner (Larry) is […]

RB&R Day 87: Tradition Reaches The Off-Season

RB&R Day 87

The greatest tradition in the world continues to sprint towards 100 on RB&R Day 87. Throw the phone and google searches in the drain, boots on ground is the only way at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take some suggestions from the people. However, it seems most are not grasping the whole I […]

Everything I Can Tell You About Legal Pot In Louisiana Right Now

Legal Pot In Louisiana

The time is now to hop on the train that holds the treasure to legal pot in Louisiana. As of just a few days ago, the following is legal for medical sale in Louisiana: RSO distillate (liquid THC) THC gummies Actual THC plant That is facts and there is no in between or kicks other […]

RB&R Day 85: The Only Place You Can Grab Some Ass & Some Beans

RB&R Day 85

It was a full blown celebration on RB&R Day 85 this past Monday in New Orleans. The Saints and Red Beans both colliding on the same traditional day. The moment called for a moment and baw did I ever have one on Bourbon Street. I been trying to find a spot that is around there […]

The Only Hope Left To Beat The Pandemic, A Super Hero Arrives

Turbo Man

With windows blasting and the Omarion virus spreading all over the place, one can only imagine what it will take for things to get better. I think personally it is time to dig deep in our brain pockets and reach for the extreme to happen. Folks, it’s gonna take a whole fucking super hero arriving […]

RB&R Day 84: Watch Ya Mouth With This Tradition

RB&R Day 84

Might wanna grab a gallon of water to wash ya mouth out on RB&R Day 84. Shit ain’t always sweet and Bayou Food Store reminded us of that around 11:30 am on Monday. Just an hour later… Wanna talk about ya soul leaving ya body after taking a bite of chicken? Folks, this is it. […]

Jake Paul Ends Tyron Woodley’s Boxing Career

Somehow Jake Paul Continues To Win Back in August Jake Paul said he’d KO Woodley It didn’t happen then but somehow the kid pulled it off. Get ready for the social media shit show that’s soon to follow. Going into this fight I legitimately thought Jake Paul would win via decision. This was an unexpected […]

What You Can Expect If Boosie Does Ya Wedding? A GREAT Time

10 Songs You Can Expect To Hear When Boosie Does Ya Wedding

May your love grow stronger each and every passing year after Boosie does ya wedding. That’s right, may today mark the first of the rest of your life filled with love and fellowship. Boosie is now a full blown ordained minister. Start ya next chapter in style with Boosie. It’s gonna cost ya about 100 […]

RB&R Day 83: A Whole Ass Human Rib With Tradition

RB&R Day 83

Better grab a whole roll of paper towels on RB&R Day 83. I’ve never seen such a ruthless BBQ rib in my ever loving life. That’s before we talk about the tradition and before we mention that John & Mary Food Store out here laying it down for $7.99! Located directly next to what looks […]

RB&R Day 82: I’d Like To Stay Under $32 Please!

RB&R Day 82

Never thought I’d wake up expecting to do tradition at the Roosevelt Hotel on RB&R Day 82, only to end up back on the Westbank. Gawd willing… Ya know, life doesn’t owe us explanation every single time. But, I recommend finding clarity on why things went the way they did. I was able to do […]