Jerry Springer Gave Us Some Of The Best TV We Will Ever See

You knew when them shoes came flying off, the crowd started chanting Jerry and that censor beep starting binging that you were watching The Jerry Springer Show. Skipped so many days of school watching this shit. Never was and never will be anything like it ever again. This show defined the 90s in my opinion, […]

RB&R Day 151: Baton Rouge Winning Red Beans

Nobody in the entire state of Louisiana was losing on RB&R Day 151. On top of a routine, weekly celebration… The LSU lady hoops brought home a national championship the night before, so winning red beans were on the schedule regardless. Caitlin Clark, Tony Stark, Rucker Park it really didn’t matter…LSU brought home their 50th […]

RB&R Day 150: A Full Blown Celebration At Luke

Had to take this RB&R Day 150 milestone in the proper way. Basically, ate and drank my face off at LUKE in a formal celebration of 150 RB&R Days in a row. This journey is legit going on three years and I can only think about all the memories made. Tons of platalities. RB&R Day […]

The Last Two Mondays On RB&R Day 148 & 149

The last two Mondays have been polar opposites when it comes to location on RB&R Day. Went from Decatur street to Picayune, Mississippi as the red bean tour approaches 150 Mondays in a row. RB&R Day 148 Coop’s Place on Decatur street. Decatur/Frenchman area is home of the most characters in my honest opinion. It’s […]

RB&R Day 147: Bogalusa On Them Beans?

It’s understandable to scratch ya head seeing that I went to Bogalusa for RB&R Day 147. Anytime Bogalusa gets brought up on the internet, it’s usually for some Bogalusa ass shit. Nobody has anything nice to say about this place man. In fact, God was trying to tell me not to go to Bogalusa on […]

RB&R Day 146: The Gumbo Man Got Red Beans

Going to The Gumbo Man on RB&R Day 146 may have seemed like a reach from a distance, but the only thing I was reaching for was some fucking napkins in the end. Algiers baby, home of the most daycares. If you can’t find somebody to watch ya kid in Algiers, ya kid prolly a […]

RB&R Day 145: Lil Dizzy’s On Lundi Gras

RB&R Day 145

Red Beans never tasted so good on RB&R Day 145. Put the greatest tradition in the world up on the stage of the greatest tradition in the world and you get Lundi Gras. Whole city cutting tf up. Forget about all responsibilities for like five days and get silly. Once Monday came around, I had […]

RB&R Day 144: Hammond Would Like A Word

Before we get to Hammond on RB&R Day 144, let’s talk about the last two Mondays that I didn’t blog about. Flashback two weeks ago to when I went to Gulfport, MS for a full blown adventure at Cajun’s Fabulous Fried Chicken. Lemme tell ya, this is like going to a mega hot plate buffet. […]

RB&R Day 141: Hahnville Hot Plates

Made the outlandish decision to hit up Hahnville on RB&R Day 141. Branching out is tight, drop me off somewhere I’ve never been in my life. Hahnville, for example. I know I never been there before, just heard about their football team growing up. Dudes like Laron Landry and shit went to high school there […]

RB&R Day 140: Chicken’s Kitchen, The Disney World Of Hot Plates

Getting out my vehicle on RB&R Day 140 sent a feeling of exhilaration through my body. It’s like walking through the gates of Magic Kingdom once you get to Chicken’s Kitchen. No place more magical on the Westbank and certainly should be declared the Westbank’s capital building. No for real, it’s like showing up at […]