What Drew Brees Really Said To Jameis Winston

Drew Brees really told Jameis Winston this...

Tons of folks all over are trying to pin-point what exactly Drew Brees said to Jameis Winston during an exchange at the end of Sunday’s playoff loss to the Bucs. What Really Was Said… One thing I certainly know not to believe and that is what ESPN or some other asshole swears he said. No […]

RB&R Day 36: Tradition Is Here To Stay

RB&R Day 36

Tradition isn’t retiring or going anywhere on RB&R Day 36 from the greatest city in the world. Lemme start with addressing my thoughts just 24 hours removed from another dick kicking let down. Also, on the flip side… RB&R Day 36 Today was somewhat scheduled on the mayo calendar. Rene, from Hogs For The Cause […]

HTM Undressed 173: Apartment Talent, FMF Awards

HTM Undressed 173. Free Mouth Friday

Nothing but kitchen auditions and couch confidence pumping on HTM Undressed 173. The unquestioned most iconic night of the week in the jar. Where a nobody can become a somebody and where the common folks can catch a moment. Ya gotta rally behind that. No shortage of submissions last night as there was some incredible […]

Toss Up These Topics Tonight On HTM Undressed 171

HTM Undressed 171

The only unfiltered sports and entertainment podcast in New Orleans is back tonight for HTM Undressed 171. Toss Up Tuesday is the label and as of 2021 it has a new format. The format suited for the community not to have to think like fucking rocket scientist. Last Tuesday it went well and mayo is […]

RB&R Day 35: Another Corner Burner Boomin, Heard Dat?

RB&R Day 35, Red Bean Rankings are back.

Red beans and rice got the most swag as we back in the gym practicing tradition on RB&R Day 35 in New Orleans. Exclusively in New Orleans, Heard Dat? Look, this tradition so loud I had to bring my traditional ass to Heard Dat Kitchen to grab a plate. Had a buddy named Bosh who […]

The City Of Chicago Can Kiss My Condiment Ass, WHO DAT?

The Chicago Bears, Who Dat? Having trouble remembering anything other than what matters today. It’s the NFL Playoffs. Yeah, these were good times. Unfortunately, it has all entered Lord’s Day irrelevancy as we play these bears today. That means the following things have slipped my mind.. 4 straight division titles 9 playoff wins in franchise […]

Morning Wood News: Sarah Houchens Cares About Ya Health

Sarah Houchens Cares, Morning Wood News

Wake up with Morning Wood News and find out that a complete smokeshow like Sarah Houchens cares about you! If ya still stuck, wake up and eat ya eggs. Time to get fucking fit, brah. Sheesh, them cabinets ain’t nice enough to be around them walkers on this woman. If ya don’t believe in her […]

This Man Blueface Has The Most Ratchet Instagram Story Up

Blueface Insta Story

This Blueface instagram story is an absolute unwanted thotting disaster. There is no other way to present the chaos that is going on over in this man’s social media living room. Got people passing and potentially catching cyber STD’s. Got more K-Mart ass twerking than a gas station giving away packs of kool cigarettes and […]

The Mayo Top Ten Most Beautiful WWE Divas Ever List

Top Ten WWE Divas

Somebody gotta put it on the web for New Orleans and mayo will gladly show up to the occasion for top ten WWE divas when it comes to most beautiful. Lemme start by saying Vince McMahon is and will always be a stone cold genius for what he crafted during 97-06 for cable television. Top […]

Dr. Dre In ICU After Suffering Brain Aneurysm Monday

Dr. Dre in hospital 2021

The doctor of rap music and more than successful entrepreneur Dr. Dre is in ICU Tuesday after getting rushed to an LA hospital Monday evening. According to sources ya can trust, but I really don’t give a shit about, Doc suffered an aneurysm Monday evening and was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles where […]