HTM Undressed 80: Free Mouth Friday

HTM Undressed 80

Nothing short of spectacular is the phrased I’d use to describe HTM Undressed 80 on Friday night. Easily the most head scratching night of the week, every week. Free Mouth Friday Formerly known as “Freestyle Friday”, I just couldn’t sleep with that generic title for Undressed. Also, as expected we have assholes calling in to […]

HTM Undressed 79: Are You Hungry?

HTM Undressed 79

Wide Open Wednesday on HTM Undressed 79 live from the greatest city in the world. Before we take another fucking step, it’s only right to keep everyone current. If ever a night to check into the jar, it’s these absurdly random Wednesday night’s when the only rule is don’t fucking blow it. Shouldn’t have any […]

HTM Undressed 78: The Holy Mayo

HTM Undressed 78: The Holy Mayo

If ever given the opportunity to describe HTM Undressed 78, the above picture would be certainly suffice. Craig is considered now by most a statewide treasure. However, that doesn’t give him a pass on this near mixtape cover absurdity. Speaking of absurdities, that’s all we are oh so fortunate to receive in SpreadQuarters. It’s whatever, […]

RB&R Day: Liuzza’s By The Track

RB&R Day: Liuzza's By The Track

The stoned verdict on for RB&R Day, Liuzza’s By The Track over there on North Lopez. Another corner burner for the vibe checkers. If ya been following along, you know I’m all about some good grub that is located smack dab on the corner. Run it… RB&R Day By The Track Man, let’s talk about […]

It’s A Bird, It’s a Plane.. Nah, It’s Just Broken Back Becky.

Sup, Fam. I’m back with another review of a viral video. Last time we watched the most agile ATM thief to ever walk the earth. This time it’s “Broken Back Becky” with a trampoline jump that will make the hair on ya balls stand up. Broken Back Becky At first glance you’re like, eh this […]

Cam Newton : A History of Serving Looks and Passes

Saturday, July 3rd the world was blessed/cursed once again by Cam Newton’s presence as he arrived in Foxborough in full attire. The type of player where his occasional football also meets fashion, he’s like the NFL version of Derek Zoolander. So today we are going to take a look at five of his outfits throughout […]

HTM Undressed 77: Parish Reps

HTM Undressed 77: Parish Reps

Nothing more healthy for HTM Undressed 77 then a meeting of the surrounding parish minds. Then there is fella’s like Todd, from the Westbank. Ya feel for a guy like this if he weren’t from that tragic place. Todd would call in later only to get clicked again for sounding like he had put a […]

Morning From SpreadQuarters: Home Of Hold The Mayo

The evolution of SpreadQuarters

Stumbled across some bagel shop refer to one of their locations as SpreadQuarters in 2019 on Twitter. Thought now would be a good time to take our holders through a journey in time. Let’s kick this bitch off with January 27th tweet. Hold The Mayo was established on June 11, 2020. By August, I had […]

Girl, Your Name Sucks… Or Does It?

Girl your name sucks, or does it?

Let’s start off by mentioning this is not a guide to see if your name sucks. Also, not a list of 1000 % concrete evidence that your name is superior. Just an inconsistent day with a little overcast that led to a transparent thought to lay on the plate. All dudes think this way, but […]

HTM Undressed 76: Friday Fail Bag’s

HTM Undressed 76

We faithfully bring you HTM Undressed 76 on a Friday night in SpreadQuarters. Not gonna lie, this night brings out some fucking demons when it comes to characters. Here is what to expect… Trainwreck calls in shit housed from “Laffite’s” in the French Quarter. Canada keeps interrupting the fucking show. Craig blows it, but not […]