RB&R Day 110: The East Never Loses On Monday

RB&R Day 110: Bullard Seafood

I really can’t get myself outta New Orleans on RB&R Day 110. Not for a second. Every Monday is the same, I wake up and start thinking about hot plates and how tight I can make this fucking segment that day. Back To The East I love Mondays so much I went to the East […]

Breaking Down The Anthony Davis California Crawfish Boil

The wild thing about the internet is you can’t even post a crawfish boil without the entire state of Louisiana observing it. They gonna either love to see it or hate to see it. Anthony Davis had to have known this when he agreed to a private YouTube crawfish boil. Set The Scene On June […]

RB&R Day 108: Tradition By The Hospital

RB&R Day 108: Leo's Caboose

The greatest tradition in the world gave Leo’s Caboose a shot and I ain’t talking bout a tetanus shot in the ass on RB&R Day 108. I knew we just had to get as far away from Magazine as possible. I’m talking bout Leo’s Caboose right next to Touro Hospital. Everybody at the hospital knows […]

RB&R Day 107: Different Type Of Tradition On Magazine

RB&R Day 107

Took my American ass to Magazine Street for I don’t even know what reason on RB&R Day 107. Ya gotta go with ya gut and my gut knew that I wouldn’t walk away smiling wide with anything I obtained on Magazine to do with tradition. It just hasn’t reached that part of town yet, they […]

RB&R Day 106: Only One Queen In Kenner

RB&R Day 106: Queen's Cuisine

Not many folks had nice things to say about Kenner until RB&R Day 106 rolled around. Kenner is like the Aeropostale of the New Orleans surrounding areas. Best way I can describe this city. However, we will forever remember what went down at Queen’s Cuisine on Monday May 23rd, 2022 in Kenner. Address: 2000 Airline […]

All Lies, No Pies In New Orleans As We Wait For Hubig’s To Return

In March of 2021, NOLA.COM published an article that was quoting the owner of Hubig’s Pies (Andrew Ramsey) saying they’d be back on shelves in “a matter of months.” It’s almost like we need to launch a whole investigation into this shit because something is unsettling. Is everyone okay involved? How do we go from […]

RB&R Day 104: Two Years Of Red Beans And Rice

RB&R Day 104

Woke up on RB&R Day 104 with not a clue where I’d be taking my traditional talents. That’s the beautiful thing about it all, this whole thing happens in the moment. At first, I was thinking free tradition over at this place GRIS-GRIS, but then I received some solid intel that the portions were absolutely […]

Scuttlebutt Gentlemen’s Club Has Had Their Last Dance

Scuttlebutt Gentlemen's Club

If Louisiana had a Monopoly board, you gotta think Scuttlebutt Gentlemen’s Club would be the Baltic Avenue. Low risk, low pressure, but potentially above average experience. We all knew about this notorious Slidell establishment, even if ya never actually walked inside of it. Some folks didn’t even realize they were in Slidell till they saw […]

RB&R Day 103: Prices Are High, But So Are The Vibes

RB&R Day 103

Red Beans & Honey Badgers on RB&R Day 103. Greatest tradition in the world, WHAT?! I said, greatest tradition in the world. That means when the Honey Badger to the Saints news drops on the same day, you double glorify the moment. The day gets that much better. Stack it on top. It’s like a […]

RB&R Day 102: Pels & Tradition Both Winning Their Asses Off

RB&R Day 102

Everything is a success on RB&R Day 102. The Playoff Pels have the vibes to the sky right now and tradition can only lift those same vibes. Get fucking pecked, brah. A tradition that Jae Crowder can’t find or flop with a search warrant. Man eating a panini somewhere in Arizona. You know who else […]