Dick Pound Drops The Hammer On Olympics…

Dick Pound cancels the olympics...

Dick Pound is here to let everyone know that there will be no 2020 Olympics due to CoronaVirus concerns. Look, that is completely understandable. We need to all just chill the fuck out, and use this time to become more creative like Mr. Pound’s parents were when they threw this masterpiece together. Dick Pound Behind […]

Top Video Games Dropping in April

With everything going on in the world right now, you may find yourself boarded up inside with a lot of free time on your hands. You got your food stocked up, plenty of bottled water, and apparently enough toilet paper to TP the White House. Why not fill that time with endless hours of video […]

Tyson Fury A Cheater?

News broke earlier this week that Tyson Fury may be a cheater. This comes just a few weeks after Fury defeated Deontay Wilder to gain the WBC heavyweight championship while retaining the Lineal heavyweight championship. An English farmer claims, in 2015, a member of Tyson Fury’s team bribed him to lie to UKAD investigators about […]

The Big3 Might Be Back

Big 3 Is Back

In an unprecedented time with no sports to watch, Ice Cube is trying to be the saving grace. Since all sports have gotten canceled, I feel like I have been on a deserted island with no water. With all hope looking lost, there may be light at the end of the tunnel. The Big3 basketball […]

Suga Sean O’Malley Is Running The Internet Right Now!

Suga Sean

Suga Is Putting out A+ Content The “Suga Show” Sean O’Malley is coming off a recent victory, where he dominated every single second of the fight. That’s not what’s interesting here. He’s currently putting out some of the funniest training videos on Instagram. Belal Muhammad better watch out, O’Malley is coming for funniest MMA fighter […]

Tigers Spring Football


Tigers football has been canceled for the spring due to the CoronaVirus. After being crowned national champions last year, many LSU fans were looking forward to seeing what the Tigers were going to do in the spring. The announcement came yesterday as the SEC canceled the remainder of its sporting events for this academic school […]

Which HTM Member Contracts Covid-19 First?

Guess Who?

Covid-19 At The Spread-Quarters? The CDC seems to think it is inevitable we all get Covid-19. With the cancellation of sports for the foreseeable future. I wanna take the time to guess what Mayo Member gets it first. I will also give out the Odds of contraction to each member. Not At Risk 7) Young […]

Tom Brady Says See Ya

Tom Brady

Tom Brady announced today on instagram that he will not be re-signing with the New England Patriots. The six time Super Bowl champion intends to try his hand at free agency. Well there it is, the end of an era. The Patriots have dominated the National Football League for basically 20 years now. Brady is […]

March Madness Memories

March madness memories

On a day that should have been filled with anticipation and excitement, we are stuck indoors with nothing but march madness memories. This virus has robbed us of the greatest sporting event of the year, and a gambling mans dream. As we all try to cope with this tragedy, and by tragedy I am referring […]

Happy Stone Cold Steve Austin Day

Stone Cold Steve Austin Day

Every single March 16th we celebrate the legend of Stone Cold Steve Austin. The best thing that ever happened to television in the late 90’s, and hands down the man responsible for that unforgettable run during the Attitude Era for the WWE. There was nothing better than watching Stone Cold on the tube as a […]