Da Drought 3 Is Still The Greatest Mixtape Ever Made

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It’s been 14 years since ‘Da Drought 3’ was released and I’m not quite sure what all has happened since then, but it really doesn’t matter. Lil’ Wayne had white kids wearing Abercrombie yelling:

Da Drought 3 – Lil Wayne

Not even sure if this mixtape even reached the geographical levels that it should’ve, but it surely busted through the fucking ceiling in the south. Ain’t a single doubt in my mind, I downloaded this entire 25 song GEM on DATPIFF back in 2007. Not a single fucking song sucked. Only thing that sucked was being an artist who had themselves a hit song, only to see it get absolutely perfected and obliterated by Wayne.

Honorable Mention: ‘Boom’ & ‘Walk It Out’

You can get this entire mixtape on YouTube Music right now. I know it’s been somewhat tough in the past to obtain these tracks on different platforms. It’s a mixtape that needs to be downloaded and saved to ya comp however ya have to do it.

The entire thing is on YouTube as well.
Being that it’s on YouTube Music.

I’ve had my petty problems with Wayne, but every time I go back and listen to anything before 2010 it makes me wanna shed a fucking tear. It does.

Dude on the computer behind me is 1000% playing Drought 3

Nothing competes with this mixtape.

I’m on Carter II now. Just living.

It’s some emotional shit.

Hustler Music
Carter II

Ain’t nobody competing with the deals over at Big Chief Vapor. Ya can get 50% off glass. Like please tell me a better deal than half off a bong?

There isn’t one.

HTM Undressed 224 was live last night.



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