Da Parish: A Snowball Stand Sanctuary

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Sup, fam. Thought I forgot about ya’ll? NEVAAA. Ben Condon has been killing the parish blogs so I thought it was time for another chalmation to chime in on a St. Bernard staple…SNOWBALL STANDS. Chalmette is obviously known by outsiders for some of its most infamous eateries like Rockys or Par 3 but it takes a true chalmation to remember these honey holes..

A Sanctuary..

Whether you were walking home from school, riding your bike around the neighborhood on a summer day or ya mom was taking you and the fella’s for a late night run you probably have some fond memories of these chalmette snowball stands.


Ah, Palmisano Blvd. The rich folk. (Don’t worry we didn’t forget about you Corinne Estates). Cross over Judge Perez and head down a couple blocks and you’ll find yourself at one of Chalmette’s greatest snowball stands- Goody’s. Spitting distance from Chalmette High this place was kept in business by all the summer school Fighting Owls who were walking home everyday. I remember my mom taking me here and making me get a classic “flat top” because I was a god damn klutz and would always spill shit all over her car. My go to at Goody’s was Chocolate with condensed milk. Book it.

Sugar Shack

Where’s all my down the roaders? Not far from the second best rec ball field (them Cardinals were #1), Borgnemouth, was good ole Sugar Shack. The snowball stand at the junction between down-the-road and up-the -road. Be honest, I didn’t frequent this gem much because I had a gold mine around the corner from my house…we’ll get there soon. However, whenever I was done hitting dingers at Borgnemouth park I would get pops to make a pit stop at Sugar Shack for the ride home. Fast forward 15 years and you’ll still find this one standing tall in the greatest parish in the world.


THE G.O.A.T. of Chalmette snowball stands. In my opinion, Rizan’s was untouchable. Was it because I lived around the corner and I spent every summer day there? Possibly. But who cares. If you grew up in Chalmette Pre-Katrina you knew this badass old couple who were slinging snowballs out of the side of their house. I’ll never forgot walking up and feeling that rush of cold air hit me in the face when Mr. Rizan and his classic white tee would slide open that window. And who could possibly forget that damn bingo arm flapping in the wind everytime he shook the syrup bottle over the snowball? A memory what will forever be engraved in my mind. And how’s about the condensed milk? Did they use a squirt bottle like any normal human being? Nah, fam. These beautiful sons a bitches would keep the condensed milk in a bowl and scoop that shit out with a spoon. I would have a mound of condensed milk on top my snowball the size of a small baby Jesus. And damnit, did I love it.

As you can tell Rizan’s holds a special place in my heart. That shit just hit different.Everyone has their spot and that neighborhood stand was it for me. Feel free to leave your similar memories about the other snowball stands mentioned. I can only imagine some of the shit that will come out of yall’s mouths!

Hold it, Fam.

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