Da Parish Weather Report: Double Whammy

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Parish Weather Report

Da Parish Weather Report is back for another chaotic scene of consistent and constant mother nature fuckery. This time, we got a double whammy. 48 hours of reports in this piece you assholes. I’m learning how to make it shake without asking Snow questions that will make him tell ya bout his entire fucking life. Anyways, here is an example of the fallout.

Not shocked Dev,
Ya talk way too fucking much.

We’ve invited Ray Rice and everyone’s favorite legal lawyer Tommy Badeaux to join the party as well. If you don’t remember back in February of 2012, Ray Rice punched his then fiancee now wife Janay Palmer in an elevator in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Rice was cut from the Ravens and then suspended by the NFL, never to be seen or heard from again. Can’t find the man with a set of pricy binoculars.

Da Parish Weather Report: Ray Rice

Tommy Badeaux Ya Friend

Tommy Badeaux, a guy of many talents and accomplishments always making Hold the Mayo and New Orleans proud. He actually will get that bitch right and get you that check in the process. Very active on Holders United and commonly seen holding mayo in and out the courtroom. The guy has a witty sense of humor and is almost funnier than Da Parish Weather Report. Make sure you check with Tommy if shit goes sour.

Tommy Badeaux keeps you laughing on a daily basis
Bonus Parish Weather
August 4, 2020

Parish Weather Report Confession

Also, I am unselfish enough to admit what I’ve learned each day fucking around with this mayo. Don’t ever say I’m not evolving in this world.

Yes, its true like Kurt Angle.

See ya funny faces tomorrow.

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