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Da Parish Weather Report: July 22, 2020

Da Parish Weather Report and Helen Keller correlated somehow today. For those just joining the jar, Gagliano has rapidly put his name in the hat for local meteorologist who are well on their way. Before we move forward with the current HTM meteorologist, let’s look at the ones who tried in the past.

Weather Ex’s

Craig GrangerLake Charles Weather Forecast

What a fucking mess.

Craig knows this was a full blown disaster. Fast as fuck took over shortly after for the failing Lake Charles Meteorologist.

Strengths: The guy is full of shit.

Weakness: Condition Pressure.

Fast as Fuck

Devin Snow Mayo Meteorologist

Too busy..
Gags Takes Over, Blows It Out Park

Like many things on this journey, ya gotta pick ya spots. Gagliano picks this spot better. I talk way fucking much. Give me a podcast, oh…

Strengths: Observed surroundings. Called it what is was…

Weakness: Only showed up for shitty conditions. Weird attire.

One retired fucking weather guy.
& the dog.

Da Parish Weather

Short, sweet, and to the point. Very little chance of misleading folks. The viewer should know exactly what to wear at the end. If not, the viewer is a fucking idiot.

Da Parish Weather Report: Helen Keller

See you assholes tomorrow for the next weather update.

Gagliano will be blogging his own reports here shortly.


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