Dallas Cowboys Offense: The Bills of the South

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The Dallas Cowboys offense surprised me last night how they were able to keep the game close with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. My initial thought was Dak Prescott would be rusty making his first start from last year’s injury, and how well will the Defense improve. Tampa won at the end, 31-29 (Of course I had Bucs -9).

No One Circles the Wagons Like the Dallas Cowboys

I was really impressed on how the offense & the defense looked. I’m starting to believe Dallas is becoming the south version of the Buffalo Bills. They’ve incorporated an air raid offense. They have top tier talent all over the field. However my biggest takeaway from the game wont excite everyone:

I got a lot of engagement from some Zeke Backers
People just tossing out the best as if it means top 15
If the gameplan calls for it, what doesnt make you think McCarthy isn’t going to do it again.

Elliott Concerns

There are lots to be worried for Elliott fantasy owners from last night performance. He finished with 11 carries for 33 yards & 2 catches for 6 yards. A very poor performance for your RB1.
I believe there is a reasoning to be concern. Dallas was more than willing to use him as a blocker, and utilize Pollard in the passing game to get short yards. I think we are beginning to witness the end of him being called a workhorse RB who gets 25+ touches a game. He’ll still be on the field, but I’m lowering expectations down to 15-20 touches.

Fantasy Impact: If you drafted Zeke with your first pick, you have to hold him. You’ve invested way too much to get him, and you’re going to get bombarded with low ball offers that wouldn’t improve your RB1 slot.
Cowboys get the Chargers in week 2 who also have a strong defensive unit. If the dip continues, or Pollard vultures a TD from him then it might be time to consider making moves.

Dak Prescott Calling The Shots

Dak Prescott picked up where he left off last season. He went for 42 for 58, 403 yards, 3 tds, & 1 int. There were big moments in the game where he led his team down the field. In my opinion, Mike McCarthy showed he is willing to game plan, and adjust to suit Dak and his arm to win them games.

Fantasy Impact: I mention that Dak could be a MVP caliber player that you should target in your drafts. Hopefully you took my advice because it’s going payout this year. Check out my QB Draft Prep Blog for why he was the best choice.

Amari Cooper is Elite

Dak started off the night targeting CeeDee Lamb, but he struggled with some drops. He ended his night with 7 recs, 104 yds, 1 td, but it was Amari Cooper who was making the big plays.

You could see the trust Dak had him to find someone to make a play. Amari might be the best route runner in the game right now, and to see him show out last night was part of the aurora of last night’s game.

He finished with 13 recs, 139 yards, 2 TDs,

Fantasy Impact: Amari is very good at the football. CeeDee Lamb will fix the drops, and he was heavily target. Very possible both finish in the top 12 WR.

Incredible game to start the season. The Dallas Cowboys offense could very well the next Cheifs or Bills type offense. I’m excited what the season holds. Please comment and let me know what your biggest takeaways were from the game . If you have sit/start questions for your fantasy matchup, message me on twitter @marcelo_unda.

-check you later

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