Dan Le Batard Just Told Us The Lie We Never Would’ve Expected

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Wait Dan Le Batard's Dad's Name Is Doug? Shit...

The Highly Questionable and Dan Le Batard lie will be forever remembered as one of the most genius fibs in recent history. Just hours ago, Le Batard tweeted out a video of him giving folks a reality check that blew me away for so much more than what one may first say. Not saying this was completely apparent world-wide, but one had to wonder about Gonzalo “Papi” Le Batard. One did not wonder about Iowa.

Lol, fucking Doug from Des Moines.
The biggest Dan Le Batard lie revealed.


I am so sad, so not shocked, but so on the ground laughing at Doug right now.

Doug from fucking Des Moines? NOOOO. See, the shocking part is not that Papi was a paid actor, but that of all names and places…. Doug from Des Moines! That has to be my favorite part. Nobody can be trusted at this point.

When he says “Doug and I are deeply sorry” ya know right away that Doug is not even the dad. Essentially, Dan just dropped a cargo ship of fibs off on twitter tonight.

Obvious immediate impact for latin followers of Le Batard. It is kinda shitty to like just boast about a community for years and years, but rapidly say sorry before ya leave ESPN in two days.

Le Batard and the gang even fooled the Wikipedia, who would’ve thought that could ever fucking happen? Sheesh…

Gonna tell my kids this was Le Batard and Papi

Were they really Miami Dolphins fans? That is really fucking funny if they endured all that losing for the cause. Lastly, it is only fitting to finish with this statement. The only thing highly questionable was heritage?

Ben Loves Burgers, This Is No Fib

I can assure you that Ben actually really loves making dank burgers and he really did start from the fucking grill to now owning Ben’s Burgers. The greatest burger variety menu in the world. Eat Ben’s and make it ya tradition.


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