Dana White And McGregor Seen Swinging Swords

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Dana White

Dana White “Confirms” That Conor Is Shelved For 2020

Dana White and McGregor need to just fucking fight each other. Conor is “retired” so why did Dana feel the need to tell everyone Conor isn’t fighting in 2020? Well, probably because Dana White fibs about his fighters and hides what he’s doing. He’s a smart businessman, he has at least proved that in my opinion. However, this shit is dragging…

“I’m not focused on anything with anybody who’s not fighting,” White said. “Conor McGregor is retired. Do we all believe he’ll stay retired? I think most of us don’t believe he’ll remain retired.”

– Dana White

Who Would Conor Fight Anyway?

Something to keep in mind here.
  • Dustin Poirier – The rematch makes sense, It would be for a #1 contender spot once the Khabib vs Gaethje dust settles.
  • Tony Ferguson – One paper? Yes this makes sense but the problem is there is zero upside for either guy.
  • Nate Diaz – Trilogy fight, Mostly likely this is the fight that happens. It makes money. Don’t fix what aint broken.
  • Jorge Masvidal – This is undoubtedly a money fight. PPV records would be placed on notice. Won’t Happen
  • Paul Felder – This would be an interesting one that I could see happening. This would be another fight like the Cowboy Cerrone fight. Conor proves his worth in the Lightweight rankings to earn a title shot.

Khabib Seems To Be Focused On Gaethje

Despite losing his father to COVID related symptoms. Khabib Nurmagomaedov presses forward for his title fight against Justin Gaethje. My honest take on the fight is it ends in a decision win for Nurmagomedov and the fight resembles that of the AL Iaquinta fight.

Anyways, just another Dana White and McGregor cat fight alert.

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