Dana White Just Lit A Huge Jake Paul Steroid Firecracker

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Time to call the whole family and gather in front the computer for this Jake Paul steroid call out by Dana White to start off 2022.

Dana White offers Jake Paul…

I’ll be honest, I completely forgot to think about the idea of Jake Paul being on steroids. Maybe, I just didn’t care. Fella has been so fucking outrageous and entertaining that it just slipped my mind.

This Comes After

Jake Paul offer


Dana responded and it really sounds convincing. Look, Dana White has a very convincing voice. One that screams that he’s built a whole combat television empire from the ground up and nobody could take phone calls from the world’s greatest warriors all day like he has and can.

I mean, this joke is funny…but

Dudes will always be there to step in the octagon and catch a Dana White payday that’ll eventually grow bigger and bigger as the sport does.

Meanwhile, Jake Paul…

I’d also say, Dana White has a solid history of keeping it real fucking solid on the microphone/camera. The UFC is a fantastic fucking product because of what Dana White has put together as a whole. The promoting, coverage, entertainment and branding is better than Boxing will ever be.

After several Dana bombs by Jake,

this being my favorite.

Dana sounds like he’s finally saying fuck it and hitting em where he knows it’ll hurt the most, in the arm or the ass idk.

Meanwhile, Jake Paul is chilling with Drake.

Regardless of who is telling the truth or not, this fucks for headlines to start off the new year. Jake Paul should be responding shortly, prolly punched a whole fucking 17 holes in his walls by now.

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NOT on steroids or cocaine,
just a friendly home inspector


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