Dana White Just Made Me Cry…

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Dana White just made me cry...

Dana White has no choice but to step down in his gladiator fight to move forward with UFC 249 on April 18th. Honestly, just like Dana, I’ve lost control of my feelings with this no shot at shit deal. We nearly witnessed some of the most exciting fucking fighters get in the octagon. What a huge tragedy only days away from the dance. All hope has went flying down into sports hell. Right into flames with all the other postponed and suspended shindigs. Dana just made me cry like a little baby back, wussie bitch…

Excuse Me? Dana White, What Now?

What do we do now man? This was the last bit of spice we actually got to witness with the no crowd fight night. Is there anyway you don’t fall in line with every single other sport right now? Clearly, we are going through a tragic bump in the life road, but is this it? If it is, I respect the fuck outta Dana for pushing as far as he possibly could. Gotta love an envelope pusher in today’s world. The UFC world takes a huge blow to the balls today.

What Does Devin Do Now?

I go my ass straight back to my jar, and accept defeat. No, I don’t hop on the game console and detox these bad moments away. Simply, the mayo man continues to carry on as if it is all one big waiting game for normalcy again. Until then, we will continue to take all holder phone calls on the topics I personally pull out of my ass daily. Thank you, and lemme know when you hear about a fight. I really like watching a good fight, man.

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