Dana White rips the New York Times a new asshole

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Love him or hate him, you at least have to respect him. Dana White has put the entire sports world on his back as he has brought UFC back during this pandemic. However, everyone’s favorite media outlet, The New York Times, recently published an article that bashes White and the UFC’s decision to move forward with fights. Allegedly, the UFC did not take the precautions that they said they would to prevent Covid-19. Enter the NYT’s bitchy little editorial sports writer explaining why everything they did was wrong. I’ll show you what the little SJW writer had to say, White’s response, and why we need UFC in times like these.

The New York Times is GARBAGE

In the era of “Fake News”, nobody, well maybe CNN, may be worse at distorting facts than the New York Times. No, this is not a political rant you snowflakes, so don’t take it that way. We the people NEED sports back, so what Dana White has been doing is remarkable. It gives us a sense of normalcy. Ken Draper, the writer for this poor excuse of a journalistic establishment, was not thrilled that UFC 249 took place. He also isn’t happy about the UFC Fight Night that occurred last night. He’s all worried that not everyone in the arena were following the same procedures that they were supposed to. Man this guy seems like a little bitch if you ask me. Let’s just look at his headshot.

I mean look at this douche. This guy looks like he is about to let out one of the biggest shits of 2020, not just the shit that was spewing out of his mouth. He goes on to complain about how they did not follow the proper guidelines to hold such an event. That all is just a sham. The UFC tested fighters and staff workers before the event even began. The one guy who tested positive was sent home. Draper was upset with the way the announcers and the interviewers did not follow the correct social distancing guidelines. NOBODY CARES. These guys did not test positive, let them do whatever the hell they want. I mean this Draper guy has multiple pieces out that suck-off Collin Kaepernick, so you can probably see where this snowflake stands with his biases while writing.

Dana White shuts Draper up

This is the content we need. “FUCK THAT GUY.” Dana makes all the right points. This guy has never covered UFC ever. All he was doing is attempting to get clicks on his article. Why report about something you know nothing about? Welcome to 2020 journalism baby. Facts don’t matter, clicks do. Dana doesn’t give a shit what this guy has to say, what he thinks, what he writes, hell, even what he eats. Dana has always been an off-the-wall sort of leader. He does not care what you think about him or his organization. Although some fighters have problems with Dana, you cannot deny that he is a man that will do whatever he has to do to make sure that his brand is the best that it can be.

Unfiltered, kind of like HTM

He also had these words to say about whether he claims the fights as a success or not:

“A lot of criticism coming into this week, the fact that we wanted to go, and this dick head from The New York Times that found out MMA was popular… We’ve had two events now, all the testing that we’ve done, (and) we’ve had one positive. I don’t know how you feel how the whole thing has gone or how it’s felt, and if you’ve felt safe here, if you’ve felt comfortable, but it’s worked.

“We did what we said we would do. I don’t want to shoot my mouth off – we still have one more to go – but so far, so good. I think what you see now is now you see all the other sports leagues talking about, ‘We’re going.’

Seriously, how can you not love this guy. He’s going to the front lines to fight for his company. Hell, he even tried to buy a private island just so that fights could happen. We need sports back in our lives, even if it is watching two guys beat the shit out of each other in an empty arena. Sports not only make life feel normal, but it also gives us a chance to come together like we used to, enjoy some fights, and lose some money along the way. (Except for ya boy here, thank you Glover and Rothwell). Hopefully most of the sports world can follow the UFC’s footsteps and get back to playing ASAP.

Hold it.

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