David Blaine Street Magic Was Something Special

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Really don’t think we talk about magic enough and we surely don’t talk about David Blaine street magic enough. A concept and content that was well before it’s time. The idea of going around everyday people and fucking with their heads was pure. He was doing this shit in the 90’s. In a world today (2023) where it is hard to amaze people that have seen so much on the internet, this still comes off amazing to me.

Like when he went to Compton…genius.

Blaine in Compton

Lotta folks will say Blaine is more of a survivalist, endurance guy or whatever. But, this street magic is undeniable. I’m still the dude who will freak out over the little tricks like the lottery ticket trick in Harlem.

Blaine in Harlem

I don’t need to see a mfer sit in an ice cube for three days, even though David Blaine did that.

Blaine Frozen in Time

It was the idea of Blaine walking around like a fucking prophet in every little city and made people feel something good outside of themselves. Showing compassion and making people laugh. Whoever says magic is lame isn’t looking for a good time.

Blaine in East St. Louis

God just don’t make many mfers like David Blaine and it doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, how much money or fame you have, it is a one of a kind feeling to get got by magic. Wish I knew a magician.

Blaine with Michael Jordan

Imagine being able to amaze Michael Jordan, not many can say they did that. David Blaine can say he did that.

Blaine or Angel

This is the conversation I kinda wish I heard more. Only reason I’m even going down this magic road is because I saw Mike Tyson talking about this on Full Send Podcast.

Tyson on David Blaine

Btw, Mike Tyson’s thoughts match up with a lot of ours on so many levels. It’s actually amazing cause I would pay high dollar to see Angel versus Blaine in a magic off. It took Mike Tyson smoking DMT to remind me of this want and I want it more than most things in life. My dawg said each dude should do their ten best tricks.

For me though, Blaine is the superior in this game. We speak a ton about people from the past and throughout the years, but David Blaine may be one of my favorites.


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