Davis and Connection’s Week 11 Power Spankings

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Week 10 was, to say the least, was an interesting one. Saints lose at home to the Dirty Birds. Dolphins are trolling everyone with a two game win streak. Lamar Jackson is obviously from another planet. Lastly, we get the cherry on top with an absolute game of the year nominee in San Francisco on Monday night. Hold these spankings please.

#10. Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Minkah’s got the juice.
  • 4 Game win streak.
  • TJ is now Watt Family’s favorite son.

#9. Kansas City Chiefs

  • Can Mahomes throw himself a bone?
  • Ryan Tannehill… really?

#8. Minnesota Vikings

  • Beating the Cowgirls does not get you a bump in the Power Spankings
  • Not quite the best program in Minnesota
  • Stefon Diggs spending too much time in Dinky Town

#7. Houston Texans

  • 3rd rounder for Clowney? Two 1st for Tunsil?
  • Not a healthy hammy in Houston
  • Deshaun Watson & Deandre Hopkins are unstoppable

#6. Green Bay Packers

  • Lambeau Field is a true home field advantage
  • Two Aarons, no defense
  • A-Rod > Vince Lombardi

#5. New Orleans Saints

  • Got dat ass tapped by Matt Ryan
  • Still control our own destiny. Thank Ciara..her & Russell have a Bright FUTURE

#4. Seattle Seahawks

  • Russell Wilson for MVP
  • Geno said heads guys
  • Took the Hawks, paid off some Mayo Debt

#3. Baltimore Ravens

  • Lamar Jackson is not human
  • Heisman package
  • Mike Vick has a Lamar Jackson poster over his bed

#2. New England Patriots

  • Bill Belichick is the coach
  • Tom Brady is still the QB in Foxborough
  • Can’t lose on a bye week

#1. San Fransisco 49ers

  • Porn star Jimmy was mediocre
  • Robbie Gould makes that kick
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