Debate Is Healthy & Writing Off Drew Brees Is Pretty Odd

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Disrespecting Drew Brees

Writing off Drew Brees and pushing that value down a bit? Is it a write off, or is this just a temporary fuck you to Drew? Everyone has a stance, and this one you about to hear will remain consistent with how I’ve personally praised Drew the last 15 years. I don’t even agree with his stance on THIS ONE particular avenue. I still own tons of memories in my head of Drew Brees standing out with valid substance and support for the people around him.

Yahoo Finance looking for a big pay day with this garbage of a conclusion.

Writing The Man Off?

Give us a short arm nagger, an interception stat junkie, or even a check down artist. Never heard the convo of him being a divisive human arise. But, he still deserves that opportunity to be able to feel that way without a puncture in character. That is where all this shit starts to get atrocious. Brees has such an elite career and legacy down here. The majority of residents get pissed when others nag at his ability or numbers. Yeah, and they wake up the next day to argue about something else. Nobody gets wrote off, and nobody’s momma gets brought into the situation.

Results of Drew Brees being transparent.
SHARKS, going after a HOF human. Dude brought up some blue jeans.
Just an endless game for people on social media.

But, imagine being Drew Brees for a second? The most legendary human to ever walk the concrete of New Orleans. Never had to question his loyalty for the city, or the people that surround him. Imagine the dude’s spotlight on every single thing he does in life. He bats 1000 for 15 years, but when he says one thing majority disagrees with it’s time to pack bags?

Mike Thomas Tweet

No problem with Mike Thomas stepping up to say something. However, this won’t be the last time in the article I find we aren’t collectively responding with insightful engagement. Just more or less fuck you, or fuck off. That isn’t the plan going forward right? Man, that would really suck.

Look, just provide some insight for a man that provided insight for many.

This is a personal Drew Brees Write Off Right Here

Bro, he just said he will never agree with that type of protest.

Does the man have the right to say he don’t agree with a type of protest? Without being part of the PROBLEM for it? That really makes zero sense to anyone carrying room for sense. Majority is in agreement with JRehling’s thoughts about the kneeling. It took another black man losing his life through unjustified murder for half the population including myself to even get on board with it. I AM NOT CONVINCED that these blue bird warriors were all on on the wagon. They don’t call it a movement for no reason. Drew Brees never said he wasn’t moving with us on it. Out of respect for everyone in this for the better of the black community, please utilize this chance to make a change in your local neighborhood and surroundings.

Using a monumental moment in American history to take shots at the cajun cannon. Please, watch who you are eating gumbo around.
No, that is the job. It is apart of the change and moving towards a resolution. Where did you miss that part KAL? It’s my job too, and yours.

Writing off Drew Brees still? Remember, how can we help the people that may not understand what may seem almost certainly the way to be? The answer is not blowing up their character without support.

We can only hope.

HOLD IT, together.

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