Didn’t Expect To See Johnny Football Going Duffy In The FCF, Ever

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Johnny Football Going Duffy In The FCF

I’m not quite sure where to even start on this whole Johnny Football FCF spotlight. Let’s just start with America’s former supposed to be golden child nearly taking the rock to the fan controlled football house. On his first play as QB for the Zappers.

Then scores a TD from two yards out in the worlds largest garage possible. Location? No fucking clue. Dude, I have no earthly idea what is going on other than this.

What I’ve Found

  • Fan Controlled Football
  • Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, Quavo, and fucking 2K Ronnie are amongst the owners.
    • Several jocks, a rapper, and a video game personality start a football league is what I just told you.
  • 7-on-7 football, 50 yard field.
  • two 20-minute halves, running clock.
  • clock stops when ya score.
  • games should only last an hour.

What does this mean to me?

Maybe, if I’m super stoned is what it means to me. No further comment on that aspect.

So, yes I’ll tune in once next Manziel game.

Don’t count on me wagering my chips on Johnny Football and the fucking Zappers. Might one mention, Bob Menery is the owner of this Zapp club along with Trevor May and Ronnie 2K.

This is like the most hipster fucking football league attempt one could ever imagine. Now, the good news is that Manziel and the Zappers are living by one value we all can appreciate.

Johnny Football FCF Motto

Manziel seems to be headed more towards the Jared Lorenzen prototype late in his football career. Of course, I do not mean that in the brutal terms. Just honored Jared in my previous blog.


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