Dishes To Grab To-Go Plates For When Ya Stoned Later On Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving dishes to consider if ya get real high or stoned...

Phase two is back and even if ya leaving ya house for Thanksgiving it will be essential to grab clutch grub for later. However, for the ones who are staying home and just eating face? Ya need to make sure that copious amounts of one or a few of these dishes are readily available. Don’t just plan for one meal like a complete dweeb.

More time at home means the more bowls smoked. Those fellas in college ain’t all going back to the crib. They gonna use this opportunity to smoke the most pot fathomable and run like seven straight friends givings.

Hear me out, not talking bout beans.

I’m here to help.

Naturally everything or majority of the shit presented on Thanksgiving will fucking slap. Maybe a few things here and there you leave for the dogs. Promise mayo if ya read this list you’ll try the things ya haven’t tried before. But, this time high as giraffe nuts.

Get Stoned
& Slam This…

My personal favorite forever and it’ll be the number one mention tonight.

Sweet Potato Casserole w/ Marshmallows & Pecans

Mallows, Nuts, Brown Sugar!

Make sure ya jot all that down too. DO NOT forget a single one of those ingredients or the most important…


I call em yams and that’s it.

Shrimp Mirlitons

This super local as far as I know, but it could have made it’s way to a few other locations. It’ll never be like ya grandma, aunt, or somebody that is a sweet woman in ya family can make em.

The Rocky Balboa’s of Thanksgiving.
Shrimp Mirlitons

They will mostly be gone, but grab as many as you fucking can man and don’t feel bad about it. Not for a second, champ.

Barrick is listening…

If ya been sleeping…please wake.

Gumbo & Potato Salad

Man look, this the first thing I ate after my endoscopy at Bevi’s seafood on Carrollton. Keep mayo the fuck away from me, but gimme that potato salad done the right way and dipped into the depths of gumbo hell.

Wow, Anita…SHOCKED.

I love that shit and you’ll love it three more times that night if ya high as fuck. Don’t grab one to-go without the other one.

Corn Bread Stuffing
Mash Potatoes

Just thinking down the road here. These are two phenomenal dishes that have proven to us for zillions of years that they can get the job done. Well, for whatever reason during Thanksgiving mash potatoes taste way fucking better.

Mash Potatoes & Gravy show the fuck up on turkey day. But, it is vital to bring a large amount back to the crib or make enough for later.

More love going into em and corn bread stuffing is so versatile these days from house to house.

Essential for later days in my opinion.

Both are mandatory stoner grabs. Don’t get caught being too good for mash potatoes bro. That’s wack af.

Don’t forget the gravy should go unspoken.

Ya can tell at this point I’m a huge Piccadilly fan. All sides and desserts for the mayo man when we talking late night Thanksgiving. However, ya smoking filthy rope if ya think for a second I’d forget the undefeated champ of leftovers.


Honestly, ya know you’ll most likely get ya fair share of turkey and it’ll be there. What may not be there or even just not appreciated as much is the ham. Shit, some folks don’t make it at all. Idc if ya gotta run to honey baked ham ya ass better grab one.

Yes, it needs pineapples.

Glaze it up however and cherish.

  • Hot
  • Cold
  • Out the fridge
  • In the fridge for a few days, then out…

It don’t fucking matter. HAM, lots of it.

Pumpkin Pie

You ain’t no pumpkin fan unless this excites you.
Pumpkin Pie, traditional.

In my stoned opinion, Pumpkin Pie nice and cold out the fridge when ya high is nothing short of superb. It truly makes one appreciate the natural taste of pumpkin and how incredible dessert can be when ya include the ole seed. Plenty folks want that apple pie and vanilla ice cream combo. Ya can’t blame them, but open up a bit if ya haven’t already. Grab this for later and stick it in the fridge. Don’t judge it by it’s sometimes burnt looking head. That just means it’s real pumpkin.

Now this….

I’m from the parish I don’t know how to make this shit.
But, if accessible? Holy shit, grab it.
Turtle Pumpkin Pie

Involve the ice cream that’s cool, ya stoned.

Curve Balls

Try these turkey balls out. I have no clue what the fuck I’m talking about right now, but if ima tell folks what they should try while stoned then I should try these turkey balls.

Jordy Culotta revealed the dish on OTB this morning.

I’m done here and looking forward to attempting to prepare one of these dishes tomorrow for Thanksgiving in SpreadQuarters. That sob gonna be live as it gets on HTM Undressed.

Happy Thanksgiving

WAM ELECTRIC can get over there before Thanksgiving if ya need those indoor lights situated.


Just give them a call and they headed over to save ya holiday and lights. Anything electrical call WAM ELECTRIC.

Don’t get caught high without lights. Tragedy.


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