Draft Prep: Quarterback Target in the Draft

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We are less than 30 days until kickoff of the 2021 season which means your fantasy football drafts are right around the block. I will discuss which quarterback to target in your draft. These are players I am willing to take at the right price depending on how my draft turns out.

Instead of spending a 2nd round pick on Patrick Mahoney, or 3rd round pick on Josh Allen. I would much rather address other positions on my roster, and target quality quarterbacks in the draft that I feel comfortable starting.

Pay attention to the players Average Draft Position (ADP). This lets you know on when you can start to see these players come off the board. I will also list my rankings on each player

It all depends on how the draft rolls and which loser leaps at a reach first that may allow ya to snag somebody on this list.

That’s why I have a handful of quarterbacks I like who I hope to come out with.

Mid-Round Quarterback Target to Draft

Lamar Jackson- ADP 41 (QB4)

Lamar’s duo-threat abilities to run and pass are something I look for in my Quarterback. Those rushing attempts lead to opportunities for rushing yards, and hopefully touchdowns. The Ravens front office did manage to add some weapons for Lamar this offseason. The team drafted WR Rashod Bateman (hurt) and signed WR Sammy Watkins.

Regardless of if Bateman is out for a bit or not, it tells me that the front office trying to provide reliable options around Lamar. This team obviously wants to play good defense, and run the ball. Whether that be with Lamar or the RBs. The 2019 MVP showed his ceiling on what he can be, and that’s winning your league championship. He is a quarterback to target in drafts after you already have your core starting lineup set.

Dak Prescott- ADP 42 (QB 9)

Dak was lighting it up last season before he went down with his season-ending ankle injury last year. He averaged 371 yards/game in his five games as a starter. If we project that out for a 17 game season, he would finish with 6,307 yards! That was until he smashed his ankle…

I do predict some regression in the passing yards. Dallas defense was horrible last year. I can see the team wanting to lean on the run game more. Especially, now since reports have come out of Dak’s strain shoulder during camp. Dak is willing to call his own number in the red zone for possible rushing touchdowns. He had three last year in only five games. Prescott out of all the quarterbacks is someone to keep an eye on in fantasy football drafts.

Injury Update

There are concerns with his shoulder injury. Dak was someone I had as my QB5. I am considering the injury in my ranking, and I’ve dropped him 4 spots. We’re already starting to see his ADP drop as the season gets closer. Definitely keep an eye on this status report because if he is okay to start the season he may be more of a steal come draft time.

Late Round Quarterback Target to Draft

Tom Brady- ADP 74 (QB6)

Maybe you decide to draft your flex first, or build your bench instead of drafting your QB early. Brady is a valuable quarterback you can target late in your draft. He’s a incredibly valuable player you can get almost two rounds later. (at least in the past). People are placing him as the QB10 in their rankings.

Last year he threw for 4,633 yards, 40 TDs, and 3 rushing TDs. He loves to call his own number when the team is on the 1 yard line.This year he gets the offseason to work with his coaching staff and his receivers. He has elite talent all over the offense.

It’s possible we see him throw for over 5,000 yards with the 17 game schedule. Your league mates think he’s too old, or wont draft him because he plays for Tampa Bay. This is an opportunity to build your roster, and let Brady fall in your lap!

Ryan Tannehill- ADP 85 (QB 10)

Tannehill finished as at QB 8 last season. He threw for only 3,819 yards, threw 33 TDs, and rushed for 7 TDs. What I am most excited this year for Tannehill is the acquisition of Julio Jones. He’s never had an elite talent like Jones playing at the outside. I do think we will see more passing attempts from him. Last year he ranked #18 for passing attempts.

It’s likely we’ll see some regression on the rushing touchdowns, but I do like the upside of Tannehill calling his own number if he needs too. This is incredible value in the later rounds. I think he’s a solid starter who starts the season with: ARI, @SEA, IND, @NYJ, @JAX, BUF, KC, @IND. He is someone to target at quarterback in fantasy football drafts.

Streamers to target late in draft

Trevor Lawrence- ADP 115 (QB 17)

If you decide to wait on any of these players I think Trevor Lawrence can be a reliable Quarterback to target late in your draft.

The number one overall pick is said to be the best QB prospect to come into the NFL. The Jaguars are likely going to be playing behind a lot this season. There will likely be some adjustments in the early stages. His schedule is favorable. @HOU, DEN, ARI, @CIN, TEN, MIA to start the first 6 games. We may even see him run out of the pocket to rush for first downs, or touchdowns in his rookie season.

Here you can hear Marvin Jones confirm the hype is real.

As an insurance plan I would want to pair him with another QB in case he does not hit the ground running. Baker Mayfield (ADP 121) or Kirk Cousins (ADP 143) should be available late to give you some stability at the position. These guys are practically free. Baker starts the season with @KC, HOU, CHI. Cousins starts with @CIN, @ARI, SEA.

There you have it

I’ve explain the upside and opportunities for these players for you to target your quarterback in the draft. There are benefits of taking QB early, and there is opportunity to strike gold late. I think this year there is a lot of good quarterbacks you can be okay with drafting this year.

One last piece of advice: Go into the draft with some players you are okay with having on your fantasy team. It’s possible there can be a run of QBs taken off the board, and you have to pivot on someone your not very happy with. Watch the draft board, and know when you can expect players to come off the board. You will be much more satisfied with your team by doing a little more research. Who are some players you like value wise, or are all in for?

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