Drew Brees Has Extended His Career Another 20 Years Via Ian Book

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Drew Brees Has Extended his career another 20 years.

After waiting what seemed like would be an eternity, like a really long fucking time.

The New Orleans Saints made an impactful splash drafting Ian Book and essentially extending Drew Brees another 20 years.

This kid can do it and he fucking looks the part. In fact, some would say that Drew has actually hopped into the flesh and soul of Ian Book on an inception like path to another Super Bowl. Ladies and gentleman if you believe in fucking Mars, UFO’s, and Doge coin?!?! You can believe in this subtle flex by Sean Payton. Fuck anything I’ve ever said about Notre Dame and Lou Holtz at this point. All of it.

Also, we know when ya put Drew’s name on anything ya know what it can do for ya.

Just ask Chase Daniel.

The kid even has the birth mark.

Notre Dame’s all-time leading

Drew Brees/Ian Book Both Future Hall Of Famers?

At this point, there is nothing stopping Ian Book from becoming a future Hall of Famer other than Jameis Winston not throwing over 20 interceptions in the upcoming season.

This pick makes the most sense outta any pick the Saints have went through with thus far in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Idk if that means a ton, but yeah.

Drew Brees comments…

On himself.

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