Dweebs Downing Brews: Kingfishin’ For Some Cream

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I just got back from the sacred boozeland after finishing up Kingfishin’ For Some Cream for the day. Now what the hell am I talking about? What’s wrong with you for asking that? I’m talking about beer, damn it. Specifically, I’m talking about a local mainstay from our own Chafunkta Brewing. Even more specifically, we’re talking about their Kingfish Cream Ale.

Bottles? Cans? Boatfulls? They’re slingin’ it to ya every which way possible

If you’re so damn late to the party that you’ve never had one of these bad boys before, then it’s okay. We’ll forgive you as long as you go grab a sixer of it ASAP. Like, NOW. The Chafunkta Kingfish has been one of their tried and true brews for a hot minute now. It’s definitely not a LIGHT beer or any kind of swill that a LSU frat pledge is gonna go funneling down on a Saturday night. No, this is a fully developed, mature alumni instead. Way more going on in it than your run of the mill Coors Light on Gameday. This is the kind of beer a grown ass man or woman brings with them when they know they’re in for a day long bender waiting for the Tigers to come on at 7PM in Death Valley. It’s definitely not one that you should be looking to get smashed after putting down only one.

Smell & Taste & All That Good Stuff

When you finally decide to pour this bad boy into a glass, you’ll immediately get smells of grain, yeast, syrup and what smells like candy sugar. Friggin’ smells perfect for knocking a couple sixers down while waiting for the food to come off the grill. It’ll have a solid head, not massive, but certainly not nonexistent. But what’s really important to you animals? Me thinks it’s the taste you animals care about more. The Chafunkta Kingfish tastes like skipping through a meadow of sunflowers and burning a Bama jersey before you go to JimBob’s house for the first college game of the day while he throws a deer on the grill that he caught with his bare hands earlier this morning.

But in all honesty, you’ll get hints of cereal and caramel. Some even claim to taste some barley malt. IT TASTES GOOD THOUGH. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?!

Dweeb’s Judgement

This is one of my favorite daily drinkers and I’d recommend this to everyone. I’d rate it as a 8.5/10. Never a bad time to enjoy one. And hell, even if the Chafunkta Kingfish isn’t exactly for you, they play with the recipe just for fun all the time at the brewery by trying new flavor mixtures of it regularly.

Normal ain’t good enough for these fine folks. Keep the weirdness coming.

So seriously, if you’re still not convinced to try this beautiful brew, then you’re just wrong. That’s it. So go grab a sixer as soon as you can, because you won’t be disappointed.

Stay Downin’ Em & Hold It.

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