Dynasty Buy Lows: QB/TE Edition

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Dynasty Deep Sleepies QB/TE Edition

I’ve compiled a list of affordable players in dynasty that I’m buying shares of. These players have the potential to develop into studs, and can still be obtained for a moderate price. Last week I published an RB/WR version of this article which can be found here https://htmsports.com/dynasty-trade-targets/ With that, let’s get into the dynasty players to buy while you still can: QB/TE edition.

TE Targets:

#1 Mike Gesicki

At this point it’s no secret that Mike Gesicki has a chance to take a big leap forward this year. The fact that Tua will be his starting QB someday soon also boosts his potential quite a bit. He is probably one of the more expensive buys on this list, but he still shouldn’t cost you too much in a trade.

#2 Jonnu Smith

Jonnu is going to be thrust into the starting line-up after sitting behind Delanie Walker for three seasons. He has been practicing with Ryan Tannehill at a private park to build their chemistry this offseason despite “The Rona”. He is a great buy in dynasty at his current value, especially at only 24 years old.

#3 Eric Ebron

Eric Ebron has a chance to rebound back to TE1 value after a down year last season. With Andrew Luck’s retirement, Ebron faded out of fantasy relevance due to a regression in QB play. With his move to the Steelers this offseason, he has a chance to play with another high caliber QB. I feel like he has been forgotten about a little bit for some reason. He has an easy path to top 10 value, and we have seen his ability to do it before. He just turned 27 this year, so this is a great buy-low opportunity.

QB Targets:

#1 Drew Lock

Drew lock dynasty buy low target

Ok this one might seem like buying into the hype rather than buying low, but this may be as low as he will ever be again. The kid is surrounded by a ton of young weapons which makes his ceiling for development very high. You may have trouble acquiring him in some leagues, especially if he’s already owned by a Broncos fan. Nothing but great things come from his coaches and teammates, and the front office gave him the talent necessary to succeed. He will be worth the investment, so buy shares of him while you still can.

#2 Dwayne Haskins

Rumors circled during the offseason that Haskins couldn’t understand the playbook and that he wasn’t bright enough to be an NFL QB. I think it’s just smoke created by the previous coach who was salty because he didn’t agree with the owner; which eventually led to him being fired. Haskins is a young kid with tons of talent and I think he continues to grow this season. His price tag should be dirt cheap.

#3 Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston is going to be a stud wherever he goes next season, and I think it’s crazy that he wasn’t signed as a starter. The Saints got him for a steal which is probably the best place for him to land. He has a chance to take a year off to fix some of his mistakes and make the leap to elite QB play next year. Jameis most likely will be useless in fantasy this season, but that’s what makes him so cheap. He can be a top 10 QB next season in fantasy.

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