Eli Manning Tweets Will Win You Over Immediately

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Eli Manning on Twitter

Eli Manning twitter may be the comedy I was looking for all along. He’s demanding respect on Twitter, and has mine quite frankly. Older brother, Peyton Manning is out playing 18 holes of irrelevant pick up golf with Tiger Woods and two guys who have no clue what the fuck they are doing. Well, at least through the first half that was the case. You’ll see shortly that Tom Brady is Tom Brady. Either way, Eli Manning is making the most of this social media opportunity and if that is what we can expect from Eli in retirement, then i’ll go ahead and turn on notifications now. Eli Manning tweets that morale support for Peyt, gotta respect that.

bruh, I can’t deal with the baby proof cabinets right now.

Eli is in rare fucking form, and by the looks of his television set up he must clearly still live in 2006. The singular apple tv/ roku to the right with the ole fashion Direct TV remote has me on the floor right now. Back to more Eli Manning tweets.

Morale Manning Support via Twitter @EliManning
Morale Manning Support via @EliManning

Eli Manning Twitter Nothings

Peyton and Tiger plowed their way through the first nine holes carrying a two to three hole lead until the rain came and started pissing on all chance of a blowout. Eli saw this as an opportunity to let Peyt and the boys know that the bad weather was just starting to head their way.


Then Tom Goes OFF!

Wow, just wow.

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