Entering The Brain Of Kanye West Post Kim Divorce

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Entering The Brain Of Kanye West Post Kim Divorce

All hell and weenies have broke loose as there has been several post and sources who mean absolutely shit to me saying that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are hanging up the straitjackets.

Kanye on his atv just jumping sand dunes while the mental ambulance were there to check on em. One of many highlights in an infamously bizarre personal career.

They will forever be remembered as I have no idea what they will be remembered as honestly. But, really weird, rich, nutty and not relatable is what works for me. Coming from southern Louisiana, I don’t know anybody at all like Kanye or Kim.

or this dude in the middle.

In fact, as a fan of Kanye’s music growing up I’m super stoked to see him get back to being a fucking legend again. Kim? Maybe she does something epically wealthy again and I can root for that.

We interrupt this blog for reality.

The concerning/intriguing thing is what Kanye may do that won’t further his professional career. Shall we lay out the options?

Kanye West Post Kim…

Kanye could just make great music again.

& I mean iconic and legendary music that nobody else but Kanye West could ever assemble.

Kanye Should Make High Dollar Premium Toilet Bowls

I’m dead ass serious folks. He was seen pissing on a grammy and that really wasn’t that tight.

But, while he is finding himself why not just sit back and collect millions off the brand new innovative WestWhirl Toilet Bowl Collection? He has the creativity and everybody wants a clean ass so make it a bidet hybrid please.

Team With Trump On Some Bizarre Television Series

Now is the time to put ya balls where ya mouth were and cash in on the Trump support. Donald is actively seeking to take over the entire television and Kanye is the sole man that can help. Don and Kanye side to side while bringing on only the most dickhead of guest.

Make An Entire Album Dissing The Kardashian Family

In my honest opinion this is Kanye’s best option. Combine number one with number four and just go the fuck off on the track. Again, only one man has the creativity to make this happen and it is oh so Kanye West. The tracks should look something like this:

  • “I dressed you” ft. Jagged Edge
  • “Ion want them kids” ft. Future
  • “Bitch, who Bi-Polar? Me or Robert?”
  • “Ya Family Didn’t Get Me Shit For X-Mas”
  • “Fuck Lamar Too” ft. The Game
  • “Khloe Hoey” ft. Fat Joe
  • “Blac Chyna Holiday”
  • “Child Support Dropout”

and plenty more reasons to spend a dollar.

Kanye West Post Kim Conclusion

Kanye West has many innovative options to pick from, but will he utilize the brain cells to open up the door? Only time will tell and all bets are off if we wake up tomorrow and these two are sucking face again. This has been a true fucking pleasure guys.

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