Every Update Ya Ever Need To Hear On Hurricane Zeta

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Updates On Hurricane Zeta

Just sitting in SpreadQuarters waiting on Hurricane Zeta to unleash her rapid piss winds from the gulf. Honestly, ya boy woke up in utter shock that this shit was all happening. Went to sleep at 5:00 AM after being BoneSlaw for a few hours late into the night. Fucking BONESLAW!

HTM Undressed 136

But, was banking on having a little time to rest up like the common man that I am. Nah, got a text from my barista at 11 AM saying they were closing soon…

Hurricane Zeta
New Orleans

At that point…I knew it would be fuckery.

Couldn’t have been more unprepared for the massive gulf fuck known as Zeta. Which, by the way sounds like a fucking world wide salmonella bug. Watch out for that Zeta, pal.

I’ve smoked so many fucking cigs already.

wet front porch cigs

Currently Zeta Is…

Being a dark, demonic bitch in my opinion. Looks as if she is trying to kill every vibe in her way and make ya cook a bunch of canned goods. Charge ya phones and count ya quarters.

Feels like the back trunk of a Grand Marquis right now, shut. Dark AF…

Thank gosh for the great folks at AT&T for saving me some massive dollars during this disaster. Nice to know good people.

More updates as the power stays on in SpreadQuarters. Hopefully…

If ya have electrical issues…

Call these folks and see what they doing.


Prolly ready to save ya day.


Stay Posted…

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