Everything I Can Tell You About Legal Pot In Louisiana Right Now

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Legal Pot In Louisiana

The time is now to hop on the train that holds the treasure to legal pot in Louisiana. As of just a few days ago, the following is legal for medical sale in Louisiana:

  • RSO distillate (liquid THC)
  • THC gummies
  • Actual THC plant
legal pot in Louisiana

That is facts and there is no in between or kicks other than you have to link up with ReleafMed and get put into the state system for medical marijuana. There is no card (that I know of) and there is no stress upon getting approved. Stop asking why and how as that is the main reason why it’s taken so long to get to this day. People thought too much…

current Louisiana patient graph

The most common concern I’m getting from tons of folks is about “the chances I get approved” and that is just chicken shit if I’m being honest. We not trying to obtain heroin folks, it’s simply just clicking a link and filling out the questions.

Lucius knows

Within 24-48 hours you are at the doctor getting the product that many are getting all over the state right now. Don’t overthink that…

St. Tammany can finally smoke without getting banged up in the pin over it, maybe idk.

The second most common concern has been the price of the product once you are signed up to purchase medical marijuana. I’ll simply just say it’s month one and we have to unfortunately compare it to like a new restaurant opening up. Folks don’t understand the market yet and they are just putting out a highly demanded product for the first time in the state’s history. What did you expect? This is Louisiana and it’ll never be like Colorado if we being honest here.

We just way late to the game.

get to the shops early, product in demand

However, don’t lose optimism as I do expect prices to be more affordable as more product comes to town. Currently, the prices will vary by shop and you just have to do the fucking homework to find the best deal.

As of now

LSU AG & Southern AG are producing plant and other THC products that are being sold in dispensaries. These dispensaries are not like the ones in Colorado or California. It literally will feel like you are at the fucking doctor’s office. You can just tell this is all very controlled and merely an experiment at the same time as it is a reality.

Product List

Here are some products I’ve tried and done videos on over the last few weeks. This will give you some clarity on what to expect.

AYO Gummies

The ones I’ve had are made by Southern AG and were actually very effective. Straight up it was like being on a half of xan for like 30 mins. You get really body high and loose. 20x better than taking pills, because pills are not a thrill. Eat a gummy, you will enjoy these.

THC Gummies

RSO Distillate

This is basically what we’ve smoked underground for the last ten years. The oil pens, wax pens or carts all fall in this category. RSO distillate is just the purest form of that and medically its beautiful. Take a rip of that Alien Rock out of a pen or rip that Grand Daddy Purp out of a e-cig type cart. You will get high as giraffe nuts on either.

Actual Flower

What everybody will get up off the couch to go grab undoubtedly is the actual plant that we’ve smoked on this planet for ages. Finally, we can walk in a shop and purchase beautiful and tasty nugs.

I’ve had two strains as they just came out in the last week. The Mandarin Cookies has been my favorite and it seems as it may be the cheapest option available on the market. I’ve also tried the Grease Monkey which will catch most eyes upon first glance at the name and percentage. Both are great buds, but that Mandarin Cookie is just perfect for me.

Grease Monkey

LSU Ag product

22.32% THC

Super potent pine

Mandarin Cookies

Southern product

16% THC

Smells like a sea of berries

Sign up with ReleafMed by clicking here and filling out the questions. From there they will contact you and proceed w/ the process. You can use the code “HTM420” and save $20 on the annual membership fee.

Remember those times growing up telling our friends that pot would be legal one day? I do, which is why I’m grateful we are here.

thanks for the dope photo Jordy

Brighter days coming for all marijuana pioneers.



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