Fail Friday – What the Flock?

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Another Friday and another Fail for the Pelicans has most Holders asking “What the Flock is going on here?!?!” After 4 long, looooooonnng months we finally had meaningful professional basketball being played inside the NBA “Bubble.” Everyone on social media was so excitebike to see the return of Crescent City Basketball and the suspense of whether or not the city’s newest hero, Zion, would suit up for the first tip of the restart.

Well, let me Tarantino this one for you real quick:

  • Zion did indeed make his return or “restart debut”
  • Pels came out scorching in the first half
  • In traditional Pels fashion, they squandered a double digit lead
  • Zion plays less minutes than myself in a men’s league game
  • Alvin Gentry once again proved he has no backbone (and possibly no knowledge of coaching at all) by sitting his best player in the midst of a 4th quarter rally to pull out a much needed W.

In case you missed it, here’s how it ended:

BI playing some hero ball. (Which I don’t mind.)

Aside from NOLA suffering another traditional Pels-like defeat, how about your boy Rudy Gobert, eh? The “Stifle Tower” goes from being the main reason the league was shut down when he tested positive for the Rona back in March to nailing the game clinching free throws in the league’s first game back from Covidcation. The dude must have straight ice in his veins, among other Covid 19 pathogens, but that’s besides the point. Back to the Pels and few things that has us all asking…


We’ve seen this movie before…

Sup with (y)our boy Zion?

As you may have read above, “Peace” Williamson played only 15 minutes last night. No, that’s not a typo on my end. The face of the franchise and supposed greatest player to come out since Queen James played only FIFTEEN f’n minutes in a close contest last night!

Everyone’s reaction last night…

Seems as if we’re all left scratching our heads on this one. Since the season tipped off last October (damn, it’s been that long?) it seems that this team has treated their prized possession with bubble wrap and a set of kiddie gloves the world has never before seen. Since his first electric debut back in January Zion has been on some weird kind of minutes restriction for pretty much every game. This disturbing trend continued on his “re-debut” in the Orlando bubble last night. What exactly is the deal here? Is the dude actually still hurt? How can he not be conditioned after only missing 2 weeks of practice? Is management trying to not make the playoffs to force a coaching change? I have so many questions at this point and honestly I don’t even know if anyone has the answers.

Something’s Gotta Give, right?

If you’re a big Pels fan, this deep feeling of heartache and sadness should come as nothing new to you. Trust me, I’ve been right there before in the past and it’s got some my fellow holders all up in their flocking feels. It doesn’t so much bother me now b/c quite frankly I can’t bring myself to cheer for a team that trots out 5 (count them FIVE) players from that God forsaken school in Durham, NC, each and every night. However, even putting my d00k hatred aside, you can’t exactly be shocked at this result if you’ve been following this squad the last couple of years. Save for that magical Hornets season in 2007-2008, this franchise has been blowing double digit leads and allowing 3rd quarter runs by the opposing team since Dan Dickau and Speedy Claxton were running the show back in in the early 2000s.

It seems that since Alvin Gentry took over on the sideline, this problem has only gotten worse. Coach Gentry has somehow survived an entire organizational overhaul, the exodus of the franchise’s biggest star and only #1 pick (until Zion), and managed to get 2 contract extensions while winning 40% of his game. The dude can likely be the poster boy for Fail Friday columns in the future with some of his late game “coaching” ability. How much longer can this franchise wallow in mediocrity with Gentry patrolling the sidelines? If it were up to the fans, Gentry would have been canned 3 years ago. Rather, we’re left sitting here idling along on this plateau that results in either a low playoff seed or a late ass lottery pick that ends up with more minutes eating more hummus or sushi overseas than he gets in a NBA game.

What do you think Pels faithful? Is Zion secretly hurt and has never fully recovered from the preseason injury last summer? Does Gentry have dirt on the Bensons? Is this all a coup by David Griffin to get the team moved back up to Seattle? Sound off in the comments.

Hold it.

Fail Friday – What the Flock?

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