Failed Furry Footwear?

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If you thought that the news about Justin Bieber’s Crocs would be the weirdest shoe news this week, then get ready, because we’ve got some failed furry footwear on deck. When you think of fur and shoes, I’m sure images of sorority girls clamoring for the newest Uggs come to mind. Or maybe TB12 clamoring for the newest pair, because, ya know, he’s weird like that. But regardless, it’s nothing cool that comes to mind. Well, get ready to change that crap idea you have of fur and shoes, because there’s a new furry bastard in Shoetown. Or, keep the same idea. Idk, you be the one to make the call. Think for yourself for once, ya dweebs.

In A Furry Galaxy Far, Far Away

That’s right boys and girls, friggin’ Star Wars is coming at us with a collab to bring us some Star Wars footwear. Now what company are they collabing with to make these? Of course it’s not Nike or Jordan’s plain, boring asses. It’s none other than Adidas bringing the heat. Adidas has never been afraid to stray into the weird with their specialty drops. Hell, if ya need proof, just go look at, idk, literally ANY shoe Jeremy Scott designed for them.

What kinda lunatic thinks up these kinda patterns and finds a way to make them look good? Jeremy Scott, that’s who.
How are they gonna look that ridiculous and you’d still be able to drop a double-double in them? Like seriously.

Adidas are some fools for these. And tbh, these are NOWHERE near the most batshit insane designs they’ve released. I’ve been following these shoes for damn near a decade now, and still can’t get enough of them. So we’ve got 2 powerhouse franchises, an agreement to make some dope kicks, and some of the most insane designers the world has to offer. What’s missing? These sumbitches had to have sat down and thought long and hard about what kind of shoes they were going to make this time after they collabed to make their Darth Vader and Boba Fett drops earlier this year. Who’s as iconic as the Sith Lord Supreme and badass bounty hunter that people will instantly recognize? (If any of you say Rey, I’ll fight you.) Well sweetheart, it’s none other than our favorite throat-yodeling, buff-ass-poodle-looking, Wookie Chewbacca, of course. Everyone will remember countless lines from him, such as “AAARRRGGHHH” or “GGGRRRRAAAAAUUUHHHHHH”. A masterpiece of literary work right there.

So we got our Wookie and our shoe company ready to put some work in. Now for the important question. How’s the shoe look? Well… here ya go.



Well…. they look warm, so there’s that at least. Is it too early to call this some failed furry footwear? I feel like a considerable amount of ketamine and LSD went into developing these kicks. Last time you saw this much fur hanging out of some laces was probably your last trip to Scuttlebutts. May wanna go get tested after that, by the way. As strange as these bastards look, I’m not gonna lie, I think I’d buy a pair. If anything, at least they look like they’ll keep you warmer than some Uggs (There’s an Ugh joke I can make there, but even that’s below me). At least they had the decency to make sure to throw in Chewy’s bandolier with all his ammo to make it look….no, normal ain’t the right word I was looking for. Idk. I think they’re dope, buuuuuttttttttttt…. I ain’t about to commit to them yet. These bad boys drop for Adidas on October 2nd and are going to run you $150 retail. Who knows what the secondhand market will rip ya off for?

At least the packaging is dope

Hot or Not?

I’ve never been so torn between what to think about a pair of kicks as this one. I’m sure I’ll be repeating that exact same statement the next time Jeremy Scott decides to assault my eyes with his next Adidas drop though. Is this some failed furry footwear or a Wookie Wonderland? Let me know in the comments. You gonna cop a pair or wait for the next Star Wars x Adidas drop?


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