Fantasy Football: Ace of Trades, Five and Thrive

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It’s time to become the ace of trades in your league. And, that starts now… We have five games until you’re either in the playoffs or playing in the loser’s bracket. I don’t want you in the loser’s bracket, so I’ve got five trades to help your team thrive for the remainder of the season.

I did a trade article a few weeks back and if you listened, you’re probably well on your way to the playoffs by now. But this one is a little different, because the great thing about fantasy football is you learn more each week. We now know who had the fluke performances and who’s numbers are here to stay.

We also know more about match-ups. Who’s playing who means nothing when the season starts. We don’t know who’s going to be good and who’s going to shit the bed. We can make all the predictions we want, but that’s just predictions. Did anyone see the 49ers going undefeated this late in the year? NO!

This article doesn’t need to be long; you just need to know who to trade for. Who you trade away to acquire these players will be the tricky part, so ask me on Twitter @elvinryan_HTM.

Let’s get to it… FIVE players to trade for in order to THRIVE the remainder of the season—

Jameis Winston, Quarterback, Bucs— He sucks, some would say he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Now you’re asking, “Well, why do you want me to trade for him?” Because you can get him for so cheap it isn’t funny. But the real reason you want to trade for him is because he has more attempts than your current quarterback. And, when those attempts are going to studs like Evans and Godwin big shit is bound to happen. Not to mention the Bucs’ defense is so bad they are nearly always in a shootout, therefore, going for the big play. Lastly, he plays the awful Cardinals secondary next week. Get him now!

Sony Michel, Running Back, Patriots— My biggest fantasy regret this season involved Sony… I got him for a player I was going to drop, earlier in the season, thinking things were going to turn around. Unfortunately, they never did, so I sent him packing for a turkey sandwich. Now he’s a goal line stud. But the goal line is why I also think you could get him for a bargain. James White handles most of the pass catching duties, which makes Sony sort of touchdown dependent. The good news for you is, if you’re able to land him, the Patriots schedule will only get harder. I believe Bill will lean on him even more, inside the five, rather than risking the Red Zone pass attempts. Which ultimately means more touchdowns and more wins for his fantasy owner.

George Kittle, Tight End, 49ers— My fiancee and I are both Kittle fantasy owners, so I want to see how many offers we get when this article is released. But really, he’s just a beast. I’m lucky I was able to do the Ertz for Kittle trade before Goedert started shitting on Ertz’s targets. No one can really take Kittle down alone; DBs are too small and LBs are too slow. He’ll rack up most of his points after the catch. He’s past his bye and plays the Cardinals twice before the playoffs. He is a must trade for. Might not come cheap though.

Josh Jacobs, Running Back, Raiders— Man, I tried getting him last week when the news broke about his shoulder. His owner wasn’t budging though. And, while that shoulder is the only thing that scares me about Jacobs, I can live with it. The Raiders, as funny as this may sound, are one of the few teams consistently finding the end zone every week. Most of that is Jacobs either getting them down the field or in for the score. He’s been great and his schedule is about to get even easier. He’ll be an RB1 for the remainder of the season, so if you have the opportunity to get him, give whatever it takes.

Robby Anderson, Wide Receiver, Jets— In some leagues I hear Robby is still on the waiver wire. Go get him now! Sam sucks, so this deal needs to be one you can get done for cheap. But he’s a deep ball threat, who has had his bye, and no team has an easier schedule than the Jets heading into the fantasy football playoffs. Just don’t give up too much for him. Ask me before you do anything stupid.

Have a great day! Look forward to hearing from those of you who pull off these trades. Once you’ve read this don’t forget to share or retweet it. Thanks, and HOLD IT!

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