Fantasy Football Must Adds for Week 9

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This week it’s “Must Adds” not “Waiver Wire Adds”, there’s a method behind my madness. This past week the NFL seemed to go the way it’s expected to go; the guys we drafted high put out, while those on waivers were quiet for the most part. Therefore, I didn’t want anyone to spend their FAB dollars or use their waiver priority when they really shouldn’t. This week is all about just streaming for those awful timed bye weeks.

Last year, I was so strategic in setting up bye weeks and preparing for those playoff games. Only to realize you must win week to week in order to get there. This year I threw all that bullshit out of the window, watched friends make my previous mistakes, and I’ve won all but one game this season. Well in my big money league, I also ran my fiancee’s work team into the ground. In my defense what kind of sick commissioner only allows ONE running back to start at a time? Anyways, what I’m saying is quit worrying about the little shit like byes weeks in advance, that player might not even be on your team in a few weeks. And, since when are you guaranteed to make the playoffs? YOU AREN’T! 14 teams will have byes over the course of the next three week, and yet I don’t feel bad for you… Because everyone is going to have to figure it out.

The Byes

And, in case you were completely unaware, the following teams are on a bye this week— The Bag Wearing Bengals, The Flawed Falcons, The No-Call Rams, and my Beloved New Orleans Saints.

I’m here for any question you may have just #AskElvin on Twitter or ask me @elvinryan_HTM. Besides that, here are some names to check out this morning—

The Must Adds

The following should be added while reading this, no explanation needed. Tight ends go first since they have been a nightmare to predict or count on so far this season.

Dallas Goedert, Eagles— He’s playing just as much as Ertz and he’s scored 2 of the last 3 games.

Darren Fells, Texans— Four of the last six games this dude has been a top tier tight end.

Chris Herndon, Jets— The Jets’ must be having the most awkward day. He will be a stud though.

Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins— Three starting QBs are on byes, other are hurt. He’s a STREAMER!

Derrius Guice, Redskins— He’s an LSU Tiger… Isn’t that enough reason? And, he’ll be back soon.

Jaylen Samuels, Steelers— This is the dude I ran to add this morning. Conner is hurt, he’s in!

Mark Walton, Dolphins— Drake is now in Arizona, drinking plenty of tea. Walton is the guy now.

Gardner Minshew, Jaguars— I’ve said this too many times. He’s a must ache, I mean, must add.

Okay so those were the no brainers, here are some that may need a little more explaining. Ready?

Diving Deeper

Jonnu Smith, Titans— My buddy wanted to pick him up so bad last week… Instead he listened to me and streamed Vance McDonald, I’m just happy he won. With Walker out, he went off. And, this week should be much of the same. I’d expect a Top 10 showing from him. But remember Walker will return at some point. Don’t count on Jonnu to be your permanent guy.

Alex Erickson, Bengals— No one knows what’s going to happen with this guy when AJ returns. But if you can get him for free and stash him today then do it. Otherwise, someone will grab him off waivers next week. The little dude has been solid and consistent the last couple of weeks.

Auden Tate, Bengals— Like Alex above, no one knows what’s going to happen moving forward. We do know Tate is fun, young talent. I wouldn’t be surprise if the Bengals continue to develop him even once Green is back in the lineup.

Damaryius Thomas, Jets— I thought Robbie would have been traded yesterday and it would be a Thomas corps moving forward. Didn’t happen which is one of the many reasons they are in for an awkward day. They have some easy ass games moving forward, he’s worth the stash in 14-man leagues.

Josh Reynolds, Rams— Cooks could miss Week 10 with the concussion he suffered Sunday. Woods hasn’t caught a single touchdown this season. Kupp can’t do it all alone. Pick Josh up today for free and wait and see. He could be in for a big day coming off the bye.

Best of luck this week! Let me know what moves you make today on twitter @elvinryan_HTM. And, like always, remember sharing is caring. So, share or retweet… Thanks and HOLD IT!

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