Fantasy Football Week 6: Who to Buy? Who to Sell?

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Trades Week 6

Fantasy football is a lot like Wall Street… Now you’re thinking to yourself “This guy can’t be serious. A bunch of guys who never grew up and play a game involving things completely out of their control.” Yes, I say. And, if you’re one of those “guys” you already have a feel for where I’m going with this. There is a time to BUY and a time to SELL. Fantasy football or the stock market, it’s all about when.

With that said, this past week greatly affected what I’ll call “Elvin’s Trade Market”. We watched as guys like Aaron Jones, Allen Robinson, DJ Chark, Matt Breida, and Will Fuller (who I left on my fiancee’s bench) act as Apple or Amazon. Their trade value skyrocketed in ONE game. And, as anxious as I am to talk about them, fantasy football taught us that a name can’t forever keep you afloat. Guys like, Aaron Rodgers, Mike Evans, OBJ, and Stefon Diggs shit the bed and that costed fantasy owners not only their games but their players’ value.

While we’re only two weeks away from nearly every league’s halfway point, so many owners still don’t know what to expect the rest of the way. Well, that’s why you’re reading this. You trust me… Right? I feel like throughout the years of doing this I’ve developed a good feel for what’s going on at about this stage in the season. I’m here to tell you “Who to Buy? Who to sell?” Are you just games away from playoff elimination or are you fighting for that playoff bye week? I’m here for you regardless…

Sell ‘em HIGH—  

  • Matt Breida, Running Back, 49ers— Love the guy, but he’s a committee back. I’d rather flip him for a back with a featured role. He will never be worth more than he is today. Sell him HIGH!
  • Nick Chubb, Running Back, Browns—The Browns suck again. What’s new? So as great as Chubb is, they will play from behind so much that he will be merely an afterthought in the second half of most games. Chubb owners should be texting the Chris Carson owner in their league now offering Chubb for Carson and a worthy bench stash. With that said, I’m a Carson owner, don’t try me.
  • George Kittle, Tight End, 49ers— I just landed Kittle, Saturday, for Ertz. Sorry, Graham. But ideally if you’re a Kittle owner you should be seeking a very high sought after RB2 or a WR1. While Kittle remains the #2 TE in my ROS rankings the newfound run game scares me.
  • Keenan Allen, Wide Receiver, Chargers— I’m not telling you that you must sell Allen now or ever. This guy has more upside than your mom’s cooking. But the last two weeks he showed owners that he can also shit the bed. He remains a high WR1 with the ability to have a league best performance weekly. Mike Williams returning and a gauntlet schedule for the next few weeks has me willing to move him. If I’m an owner I’m sending offers for DeAndre Hopkins, Julio Jones, or Mike Evans and a bench stash. Those three have struggled recently, owners tilt trade.
  • Tyler Lockett, Wide Receiver, Seahawks—Test the waters. Devin loves to say, “Come on in the waters fine” HOLD IT. Test this market, shop him with every owner. There is always more out there if you keep looking. Keep in mind though, three of the last five games he’s had less than four targets. You don’t want to see this as a fantasy owner. But he can score at any time with Russell slinging the ball. Package him and something else for either Hopkins or OBJ.

Buy ‘em LOW—

  • Damien Williams, Running Back, Chiefs— No one was sure where to draft Williams, five weeks in the books and now we know what he can do. The fear of McCoy taking snaps from him and him coming off an injury should make him a pretty cheap buy. He’s a great back in the league’s best offense. I’d easily give up David Montgomery, Devonta Freeman, or Frank Gore for him.
  • Carson Wentz, Quarterback, Eagles— Lots of owners have been disappointed with Wentz throughout the first 5 weeks. I think that’s absurd. Before this weekend the dude was fourth in touchdowns. His pass catchers are getting healthier, the running game is getting better, and play calling is opening things up. Trade a guy like Winston for Wentz before he cost too much. He was traded last night in my league for an injured Drew Brees.
  • Stefon Diggs, Wide Receiver, Vikings— This is hoping he’s traded, which I still believe will happen. He’s young, he’s a stud, if you can get him for cheap then do it! Even if the other owners believe he’s staying with the Vikings he still has value. Terry McLaurin and Marquise Brown are both coming off injuries and both worth sending for Diggs. Will Fuller had the greatest fantasy game in 15 years, and he might have games like that again since Hopkins is drawing double coverage. So Fuller is risky. But I think it’d pay off for the season.
  • Le’Veon Bell, Running Back, Jets— He has ‘shit the bed’ more than he hasn’t, that just the truth. But teams have been stacking the box, his QB had cooties, so everyone knew the Jets weren’t passing the ball. His QB will be back this week and I think that makes things easier on him. Trade a guy like JuJu for him. A struggling stud for a struggling stud. Seek RB needy teams.

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