Fantasy Rundown Week One

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The first edition of the Fantasy Rundown for Week One. The Fantasy Football season is finally upon us. You’ve done fifty eleven something drafts by now and I am sure you’ve been up late gazing at your fantasy roster. It’s time to put your fantasy skills to the test to win your Week One matchups. You’re gonna start whoever you drafted. There is no sense of telling you to start Christian McCaffery, or Josh Allen. Here are some advice for streaming options and targets to add to your roster before the week one games.

Full Stream Ahead

Baker Mayfield– Cleveland QB 17

If you decided to stream QB this season I think Baker is a solid start to go with in Week 1. This is the highest total point spread of 54.5 against the Chiefs. Cleveland wants to run the ball, but if they want to keep up with KC they are going to need take shots downfield. The Browns certainly have the offensive talent to do it. Baker understands the potential this team has, and what they can accomplish.

Protect This House

Defenses you can add from the wire to plug into your lineup. I’m looking to plug in teams who are going up against rookie QBs in Week 1.

Dirt Cheap: Weekend Stash

These players are likely available on the waiver wire who could potentially breakout in Week 1. See about adding them to your roster before kickoff, and avoid the rush come waiver wire.

Injury Curse

Has your roster already gone up in flames due to injuries before the season started? Don’t give up. Stash a player who is a handcuff to a top RB in case there is an injury. Start monitoring practices logs during the week to see if the backup has a shot in getting a workload for a game. This will give you an edge to get you back up in the standings.

The Fantasy Rundown will run weekly, and plan to release before the weekend. Make sure to the check my latest blog here, and follow me on twitter @marcelo_unda where I give out my fantasy opinions and track any news throughout the day.

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