Feast On These Week 15 NFL Mayo Spreads

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Week 15 NFL Mayo Spreads

Aw ya get a whole hold of these week 15 NFL mayo spreads and of course the full rack of ribs is on the menu this Lord’s Day. Ah, everybody take a deep fucking breath in synchrony…and let it out.

Thank you Taysom for the passion.

words we will not forget.

However, New Orleans and it’s forever favorite possession is ready to get back to the mothafuckin’ basics and in a hurry.

Meanwhile, this sad son of a bitch has a ton of kangaroo to eat before the G.O.A.T. takes the field on the Lord’s Day. McRibs, lol.

Good luck with that tragic effort in good faith gone real wrong. Drew don’t give a fuck about those sammiches, unless they fresh and at that point he still has VERY little time…minutes tops.

The haters already thinking it may be picadilly time.

Spreads On Table

Go ahead and book all this up just like ya should’ve on Thursday night.

The start of Week 15 NFL Mayo Spreads

Idgaf what ya sweetheart thinks if we only go 50% with the Christmas money. Y’all should’ve shopped earlier ya inconsiderate assholes.

Now, if this is all a big grenade…then there is cause for concern. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen on this table.

Easy Mayo

  • Vikings -3
  • Seahawks -5
  • Browns -6.5

You shouldn’t die if ya eat this

  • Saints +3 (Brees Factor)
  • Bucs -6
  • Packers -8

Ya really believe in mayo

  • Texans +7.5
  • Cowboys +3
  • Broncos +5

Parlay Pudding

  • Seahawks -5
  • Eagles +6.5
  • Browns -6.5

Upset Down Cake

  • Eagles over Cardinals

I will wager (don’t take)

  • Broncos over Bills

If ya not electrically proper for this weekends copious amounts of pigskin? Call WAM Electric like right the fuck now. No time for diddle daddlin’ with ya plugs, lights, and/or wiring that may be affecting ya hobbies. These fine fellas gonna head over and save ya worst day.



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