Fellas Who Got Roasted As A Rotisserie Chicken With Willie Nelson

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Folks Who Got High AF With Willie Nelson

Not many can live and die knowing they got high with Willie Nelson. The king of rope smoking and it ain’t even close. At this point we just group everyone in notable pot culture well underneath Willie. He’ll make 88 on April 29th and will be holding a virtual cannabis convention to celebrate.

The King of Pot Smoking
Willie Nelson

He opened his own marijuana company called ‘Willie’s Reserve’ because he didn’t wanna buy the shit anymore. Figured he’d just grow his own potent nugs and move forward with the evolution of pot. As of last year, he can’t even smoke anymore because of some difficulties with his lungs after 60+ years of smoking weed like an American.

Doesn’t matter. Willie smoked enough pot to fill up Madison Square Garden with an added expansion. Serious rope smoking.

A Few Folks Who Had The Honor Of Smoking With Willie Nelson

Can’t believe we’ve gotten this far without mentioning an essential part of this article. The Nelson and Dogg combination.

Snoop Dogg

The Dog, Snoop Dogg has the absolute best pot stories with Willie Nelson. A true friendship. Also, Nelson is the only person to ever out smoke Snoop Dogg.

Snoop & Willie live
Snoop tells fried chicken story w/ Willie Nelson

Snoop and Willie in Amsterdam.

Case fucking closed.

Toby Keith

This is low key boujie.

Everybody knows a guy like Toby Keith, the ones who say “I’m more of a whiskey guy” all the fucking time. Like dude we get it, enjoy getting ripped with a legend. All due respect to Charles Barkley, but this is hanging out with Willie fucking Nelson. Toby talking like he had to get high with Delonte West. Anyways, it’s still tight he puffed with the king. Just doesn’t realize.

Owen Wilson & Johnny Knoxville

Owen Wilson lol

Nelson makes these dudes sound like wussies. It’s either his pot is fucking face peeling potent or these fellas smoking pot like soccer moms. Regardless, Knoxville and OWEN FUCKING WILSON smoking with Willie is nothing short of intriguing. Not AS intriguing as Owen living just around the block from the legendary Willie Nelson.

follow this account.

Everything that I’ve been able to gather says Owen, Willie, and one of our other favorite rope smokers hang out on the fucking regular. Anyways,

I’d run through bricks to smoke weed with Owen Wilson. Thick bricks.

Chelsea Handler

The former host of ‘Chelsea Lately’ on E! Network had hung out with Willie while filming a Netflix series. HAHA, she said she was high for two fucking days after. Like what the fuck is in this pot? Chelsea seems really fucking cool to get baked with as well.

Woody Harrelson

No secret that Woody bakes leaves.

Ya love to fucking see it.

Love to see it, so much.

However, he’s also really good pals with Willie Nelson. The two play cards often with….OWEN Wilson. Dude, I cannot get over this fucking trio just ball sacking around town. They even made a movie together called ‘Lost in London’ that I never once heard of and makes no sense whatsoever.

Harrelson talks about playing cards at Willie’s

Picture this:

Don Nelson, Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, and Willie Nelson smoking Don’s Nellie Kush and playing cards. Unbelievable.

Timothy Olyphant

Dude didn’t get high with Willie,

But smoked some of his weed.

Said it had him sitting on the fucking lawn.

Bless his heart.

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