Floyd Mayweather Weighs In A Zillion Pounds Less Than Logan Paul

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Floyd Mayweather weighs in with Logan Paul

Logan Paul took his first win against Floyd Mayweather on Saturday night during weigh-ins for their Sunday night doozie at the Hard Rock Stadium in South Florida.

Mayweather weighs in a whole infant less.

Fuck Weight…

Paul wound up weighing in 34.5 pounds heavier than Mayweather, which throws any type of understanding of what his fight means out the fucking window. Floyd last fought in 2017 and is still living undefeated. Logan Paul is a living, breathing YouTuber turned boxer.

Just like his big melon headed brother, Jake Paul.

Logan Paul’s latest YouTube creation.

Tonight, It’s Here

This fight between Logan and Floyd has crept up rather quickly as it’s happening tonight. Nothing tells me Floyd Mayweather won’t handle business.

Knockouts are allowed, but no winner is decided if fight goes the distance. The card starts at 8pm and lemme just say ya won’t wanna miss one of those prelim bouts.

Ocho Knockout?

In a curveball outta nowhere Ocho Cinco has found himself in one of these kick-off duals. Yes, Chad Johnson at 43 years old is fighting Brian Maxwell in a four round slugfest.

Maxwell is a professional MMA fighter who has never actually won a fight. He’s 0-1, but common sense tells me Ocho bout to get his ass knocked the fuck out. If he can prevail with a knockout, it would be HUGE.

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HTM Undressed 238
After the Paul/Mayweather fight

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