College Mayo Spreads

Before we even get into this weekend and the potential glory behind it. I’d like to firmly apologize for the disaster that was known as Mayo Spreads this past Thanksgiving. All good things come to and end, but they never end that fucking bad. With that being said, what a time to make amends for […]

Three Yard QB Sneak? This Screams Iowa Football

Remember the date, Friday November 29th, 2019. This is the date that the Iowa Hawkeye’s became a staple in the QB sneak category. Who runs a better QB sneak than them corn fed boys in Iowa? Nobody runs it better, and today it was put on full showcase against Nebraska and their god awful defense. […]

College Mayo Spreads

Happy Thanksgiving from HTM Sports. If you are in church right now please hit the home button and come back later. The spreads will be on the table waiting for you. Let’s go ahead and get started while the plate is hot. Look, the ones who are closest to us will be the ones who […]

HTM Saturday Spreads

Ah man, look at that glorious picture of Ed Orgeron getting the Mountain Berry Blast cooler bath. Want to feel that damn good this weekend? Want that kind of glory? Saturday Spreads may do the trick. Maybe it has been a disaster all spread season and you can’t seem to find any clarity. Clarity is […]

Saturday Morning Spreads

Saturday morning has arrived, and it is totally time to grab the butter knives and get primed up for Mayo Spreads. There is no doubt that HTM gained credibility after going six for nine from the spread buffet. We are back at the good ole spread buffet for this weekend’s feast. Tons of fucking people […]

NFL Spread Buffet

No need to feel like an asshole. Another Lord’s day is upon us, and it’s time to clean the house, mow the lawn, and stand firmly behind your wagers for the day. You earned it, bud. Feel good about it. Last week, HTM went 5/10 from the spread buffet, and this week looks to be […]