Freestyle Friday: Athletes Edition

So you think you can rap? Athletes want to be rappers and rappers want to be athletes. Its an old adage we’ve all heard before. With it being Freestyle Friday, it’s time to take a look at some athletes who can drop the most heat in the booth. We’ve seen mic skills from Deion Sanders, […]

Cam Newton : A History of Serving Looks and Passes

Saturday, July 3rd the world was blessed/cursed once again by Cam Newton’s presence as he arrived in Foxborough in full attire. The type of player where his occasional football also meets fashion, he’s like the NFL version of Derek Zoolander. So today we are going to take a look at five of his outfits throughout […]

What Should The New Name Of The ‘Washington Redskins’ Be?

It’s happening. It’s finally happening. After years and years of debate, social justice warriors complaining, and an alleged hateful name, the Washington Redskins have announced today that they are undergoing a thorough review of the teams name. The only reason I am for it is so it will end the stupid arguments. I love the […]

Would You Sign A Waiver To Attend Saints Games This Year?

If you live under a rock and haven’t heard the news, the NFL is proposing an idea to allow fans to attend their games this year. However, there is one catch. Each person who attends will have to sign a “liability waiver.” What is this waiver for? It is so that no “Karen” can sue […]

Matt Ryan Is Back On The Crack Pipe

Beloved Falcon’s Quarterback Matt Ryan is back in the news today. He appeared on Barstool Sports flagship podcast Pardon My Take today where he talked all things football and the potential return of the NFL season. First off, when I said beloved, I lied. He is like the guy in high school that walks around […]

Put Some Respect Back On The Reggie Bush Legacy

Time To Put Some Respect Back On The Name Reggie Bush

Ten years flew by quick with those California Trojans disrespecting the Reggie Bush legacy. Finally, it looks like the turtle is crawling right out of the bad guys ass. USC has reportedly announced a conclusion to their decade long, unreasonable separation from the infamous Reggie Bush. Bush Legacy Effect There is a fathead hanging in […]

The Top 3 Saints Draft Classes Since 2000: 1st(2017)

We’ve made it to number one! We have gone over the third and second top Saints draft classes since 2000. Now it is time to go over the first! 2016 resulted in some solid starts and superstars as well as 2006. However, 2017 takes the cake for me. 11th Overall- Marshon Lattimore Marshon Lattimore has […]

Don’t Ever Forget About That One Play Jason David Made

Don't Ever Forget About That One Play Jason David Made In Game One As A Saint

One can say that they don’t remember one play Jason David made as a who dat after signing a 4yr/$15mil deal in 2007. Well that son of a bitch is wrong. What better time to honor the worst cornerback in New Orleans history than on a piss rainy Sunday morning? Run it up. Let me […]

Is Roger Goodell Living In A Double-Wide Trailer?

Roger Goodell Living in a double- wide.

What in the blue hell has happened with the Roger Goodell living situation in the last few months? Andy Milonakis has better taste in living room decor. Like, what in the actual fuck? Roger did the right thing in coming out and FINALLY saying he gives a rat’s ass about protest, and most importantly that […]

The Top 3 Saints’ Draft Classes Since 2000: 3rd-2016

Within the last few days, CBS Sports has been ranking each team’s best draft class since 2000. When it came to the Saints’ draft classes there were many good ones to choose from. However, it had to have come down to the 2006, 2016, or 2017 class. Those to me, are the three best we […]