Mayo Spreads: Run That Back Like Devin Hester

Mayo Spreads: Run That Back Like Devin Hester

Who ran it back like Devin Hester in the history of college and pro football? Nobody, which is exactly why I’m riding that vintage momentum wagon into College Football and this illustrious seventh week. Got a full happy ass whoopin’ last week on Mayo Spreads. Shit fucking happens and both you and myself need to […]

Melvin Gordon Likes To Go Fast As Fuck And Sip Slow

Melvin Gordon lives the life of Vin Diesel on occasion.

Currently wondering if Melvin Gordon likes the old school whip banger by Kanye West? Drive slow, homie. Nah, Melvin had that “Zoom” by Boosie slapping in Denver on Tuesday night when he was pulled over and charged with DUI. Hell of a way to end the fifth week of the NFL Covid season. Buddy was […]

Trainwreck’s Biggest NFL Headlines: Week Five

We’re back baby! A special Wednesday edition of Trainwreck’s biggest NFL headlines. Thanks Tuesday night football. Week Five from the NFL proved to be a much more exciting one than Week Four. Another coach got the boot, an incredible Monday Night game, and more Covid fuckery. As of now, it looks like this season could […]

When The Saints Go Marching Outta Town

Saints Playing In Tiger Stadium

The Saints are marching out of town. Right on out. At least, they’re trying their damnedest. “But the Saints would never leave the GCITW!!!” Yeah, we all hope you’re right. We’re pretty sure you’re right. Like 94.7% sure. But still, this season has been tougher than any other season in this little memory of mine. […]

NolaSportsHub’s Keys To The Contest: Week 5

Week 5 is upon us. Let’s hope this Monday Night Football outing is better than the last. The Saints have a chance to go back to the top of the NFC South, but a promising young QB, Justin Herbert, is standing in the way. These are the Keys To The Contest. Keep Running The Ball […]

Mike Thomas Should Be Able To Punch CGJ or Malcom Jenkins…

What is an American? Mike Thomas.

All too many reasons on why Mike Thomas shouldn’t be suspended have uninvited themselves into my head. Quite frankly could’ve went without hearing the two gentleman’s names involved on opposite side of Thomas. Chauncey Gardner – Johnson and Malcom fucking Jenkins. The through and through leader of all teams and foundations he walks on, Malcom […]

Mayo Spreads: Why The Fuck Would I Pick Atlanta?

Pick the falcons? Why... Mayo Spreads.

Don’t make any sense of this pick Atlanta advocacy moment. I got completely drummed yesterday in mayo spreads for college football. It was hard to speak on and still is very brutal. However, in a complete fuck the world move I’ve decided to put my eggs in the basket of some full blown fugazi’s. Never […]

Mayo Spreads: The Lines Continue To Get Railed

Mayo Spreads is going full Mike Cera this week.

Not telling a single mayo spread lie when I tell ya I feel like Michael fucking Cera. Total line abuse has been the common theme for the common man with these mayo spreads. Not gonna calm down with the spreads. What is the problem? Not these lines, brah. Last week was all about the Myles […]

Trainwreck’s Biggest NFL Headlines: Week Four

We’re back again with your mother’s favorite weekly blog. It is Trainwreck’s Biggest NFL Headlines: Week Four. Honestly, a little boring week compared to the first three, but nonetheless, I will enjoy whatever the NFL has to offer. Covid-Mania hit the NFL this week as the Titans-Steelers game was postponed. The Chiefs-Patriots game was pushed […]

NolaSportsHub’s Keys To The Contest: Week 4

This year has quickly taken a turn for the worst. After a convincing win in Week one, the Saints now find themselves at 1-2. Before the season started, it looked like week four was going to be a win for the Saints that could possibly put them at 4-0. However, now, the Saints are in […]