No One Cares Power Rankings Week 5

Week 5 Power Rankings a lot of people don’t care about, but these are my rankings. Football is meant to be fun. Let me know where I’m wrong. Check out last week’s rankings here. 1. Buffalo Bills 4-1 (LW 1) The Buffalo Bills look to be a wagon as they cruise through their opponents after […]

Mayo Spreads: CFB Week 7, All Wagers Go To Heaven

CFB Week 7

Tensions are high af headed into CFB Week 7, well locally for sure. Gonna be hard to get through a quarter of mediocre football if ya Coach O this week against Florida. Take it from experience, I’ve sat in this LSU Twitter living room on Saturdays and them boys ain’t having it. It’s the watering […]

Fantasy Rundown Week 5

fantasy rundown

Welcome back to the Fantasy Rundown! We enter the 2nd quarter of the the 2021 NFL season. Lot’s of surprises going into the season, but there are a lot of games that are left to be played. Don’t beat yourself up if you are 0-4 or 1-3. Take it one game at a time, and […]

No One Cares Power Rankings Week 4

Incredible games last week in the NFL. Lots of changes in the Power Rankings for Week 4. Brady had a stormy return to Foxboro, but left with a win. Los Angeles Chargers are on top of the AFC West. Arizona Cardinals are the only undefeated team left in the NFL. Check out last week’s ranks […]

Fantasy Rundown Week 4

It’s time for the Fantasy Rundown for Week 4 as October has arrived. Hopefully your fantasy teams are doing well. Lets get you prepped for what choices you can make to adjust your rosters going into the weekend. Full Stream Ahead Taylor Heinicke QB 17 Heinicke has been an impressive streaming QB since he’s been […]

No One Cares NFL Power Rankings Week Three

Welcome back to the No One Cares NFL Power Rankings Week Three. Things shake up in the Top 10. Which 3-0 teams are for real? Brady returns to New England. A lot is in store going into Week 4. Here are my rankings after last week. Want to check out last week click¬†here. 1. Los […]

Fantasy Rundown Week 3

Welcome back to the Fantasy Rundown to get you ready for the weekend of games, and how to make the right plays for your fantasy team. Full Stream Ahead Daniel Jones- QB 12 New York Giants Jones comes in at QB12 this week and he’s risen up the rankings since the season has started. He […]

No One Cares NFL Power Rankings Week Two

Welcome back to the No One Cares NFL Power Rankings Week Two. A lot of adjustments in the rankings this week. I expect some more changes as the season goes on. Want to check out last week click here. 1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-0 (LW 2) Tampa Bay moves up to the top spot. They […]

Fantasy Rundown Week Two

Welcome back to the Fantasy Rundown for week two. Week one was a wild ride filled with excitement and disappointments. We turned the page and look onward to what’s to come this week in the NFL. Ful Stream Ahead Jameis Winston– QB vs Car Jameis goes on the road and plays against the Carolina Panthers. […]

No One Cares NFL Power Rankings Week 1

No one cares about NFL Power Rankings, but I’m all about clicks since I am blogger now. Let’s dive in… 1. Kansas City Chiefs 1-0 Best playmakers on offense, and competing for a championship. Yeah, it’s chalk, but they defeated the Browns 33-29 at home. They go to Baltimore week 2. 2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers […]