Spread The Nugs: Any Given Sunday

Are y’all smoking dolphins? Look, you can smoke the herb any day that you want but in a fantasy football league you want to make sure you spread nugs on draft night. Spread The Nugs: Any Given Sunday is coming at you. It ALL comes down to your draft. Don’t leave sleepers on the board… […]

HTM Fantasy League: We Got A Draft Strategy?

It’s that beautiful time of the year again. Football’s starting back up, kids are bitching about homework, people getting ready to bet their lives away on Saints making the Suberbowl, and every sophomore sorority chick is already planning their Halloween costume. But most importantly, it’s that time of year where draft strategies get wrecked. Which […]

HTM Fantasy League: Mr. Unlimited

HTM Fantasy League

Ahhh it’s fantasy football season once again. Just a bunch of guys being dudes, getting together and trash talking over a game that has the word fantasy in it. Admittedly, I’ve never been a huge fantasy football guy, but I am participating in the official HTM Fantasy League. And I do indeed intend on complete […]

HTM Fantasy League Draftstravaganza

Ahhh… do you smell that? No, it’s not what the Rock is cookin’ over in the XFL. Hopefully it’s not what OBJ has been smelling as of late either. It’s football. That’s right, the NFL is officially back starting tonight and with that, along comes everyone’s favorite past time, FANTASY FOOTBALL. Your HTM “personalities” held […]

How To Dominate Your Fantasy Football Draft

Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts. It is that time of year again. With the NFL right around the corner, you know what else is lurking. That’s right. Fantasy football. The epitome of success if you are a man (or woman). Your entire fate as a man is decided by random football players performances. […]

Dak Prescott Wants The Bag: Seeking Highest QB Contract In History

Dak Wants The Bag

Dak Prescott wants the bag and is seeking to be the highest-paid rock slinger in NFL history. No I don’t mean the drug, even though for his asking price he seems high as Astronaut pussy. He reportedly turned down a 5-year contract worth 175M big ones from the Cowboys which, later denied in a report […]

Dynasty Buy Lows: QB/TE Edition

Dynasty Deep Sleepies QB/TE Edition

I’ve compiled a list of affordable players in dynasty that I’m buying shares of. These players have the potential to develop into studs, and can still be obtained for a moderate price. Last week I published an RB/WR version of this article which can be found here https://htmsports.com/dynasty-trade-targets/ With that, let’s get into the dynasty […]

Dynasty Trade Targets

I’ve put together a list of cheap dynasty trade targets to snag in your leagues before the season starts. I don’t know about you guys, but I like to shop the clearance rack for bargains instead of paying full price. Everyone on this list can be acquired for pennies on the dollar compared to their […]

FF Dynasty Rookie Rankings

Let’s go over the top 10 rookies to draft in your dynasty leagues this season. My FF dynasty rookie rankings reflect my opinions of players’ potential as well as a path to playing time. #1 Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB (CEH) CEH is in the best position possible to excel from a fantasy standpoint. He was the […]

I Did A Mock Draft To Prove The “Experts” Are Idiots.

2020 Quarantine Draft

What The Hell Do We Know? Walpole and myself took a stab at the first round of the NFL Draft. With literally no sports going on this was the most entertainment we could drum up. So Check out our 2020 NFL Mock Draft. Round One – Top Five NFL Mock Draft 1) JOE BURROW – […]