Best New Star Wars Characters of the Decade

Star Wars Logo

Star Wars Characters Qualifications Last night I sat down and dissected all of the new characters of the Star Wars saga. I wanted to make a list, only considering new characters introduced this past decade. Characters reintroduced will not be considered, (Ie: Old Han Solo/Young Han Solo is still Han Solo). The character has to […]

XFL Fantasy Rankings: Quarterbacks

XFL Quarterbacks

XFL Fantasy football begins in February. Wondering who to draft for the upcoming XFL season? Look no further. Time to break down my top quarterbacks from each of the eight teams. The following quarterbacks were assigned to teams before the draft. Not sure how or why these specific guys were chosen, but here we have […]

More Fantasy Football?

Vince McMahon posing in front of XFL symbol as season gets closer.

Was your fantasy football season a complete shit show? You can redeem yourself in just a few months. According to XFL Commissioner, Oliver Luck, we are going to have Fantasy Football in the Spring! Still don’t know which sites will offer leagues, I hope it isn’t yahoo, I cant stand that site. Oliver speaks about […]

Fantasy Football Week 13: Playoff Pick-ups

The playoff countdown is here. We are exactly one week from finding out who’s in and who’s out. Hopefully, you’re already locked in. If not, you should probably #AskElvin on Twitter @elvinryan_HTM a little more often. The best part about Week 13, other than the anticipation leading to the playoffs, is we’re done with byes! […]