Free Mouth Folktale: Spitta Andretti, The King Of Quarantine

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Spitta Andretti

Send Spitta Andretti all the flowers, well wishes, and good vibes because we certainly don’t deserve the consistency of substance Curren$y has put forth. An ever evolving masterpiece.

Young Spitta Andretti
  • 504 Boyz, No Limit
  • Cash Money Records
  • Jet Files
  • Pilot Talk

To the grown ass maturing talent he is today.

Endless incredible verbiage.

I’d like to say that his latest work is nothing short of fucking superb. Not familiar with Harry Fraud?

Me fucking either, but anybody with the name Harry Fraud know how to make a body disappear or cut a serious track.

Smoke a whole ass bowl to the face and listen to this real quick.


white ashes from my jernt as it burns…
– Spitta Andretti

Some foggy ass slappin’ shit.

Nah, fuck getting started with this piece. Gotta be honest here, Curren$y alive as a mother fucker right now. The old tunes by Spitta were stellar and if ya know, ya know.

Curren$y, Wiz, & Mac Miller
Blazing the fuck up before a show in 09 I’d guess…

But, I just can’t get off this current Spitta Andretti…

I needed this shit so bad.
FENDI P bringing serious fucking energy.

For real his work and craft is maturing, aging like fine wine.

& the humble king of New Orleans found GOLD with Fendi P.

That’s what Curren$y up to right now. HIGHLY fucking active and progressing.

I can’t wait till New Orleans make the news.

That’s the kinda work that says dude been evolving at the crib with the craft. Absorbing how to make it shake for real inside the G.C.I.T.W.

Spitta On In SpreadQuarters

This is what you’ll hear consistently bumping in SpreadQuarters on any given day while baking…

  • Mary – Curren$y
Aw, Mary Mary Mary….

Ain’t a thing in the world more Spitta than that. ^

  • All Work – Curren$y ft. Young Dolph
“My first ride in the phantom was w/ my homie Lil Wayne, now I got one myself and I’m riding in my own lane.” – Curren$y

Bring it back to 2009…

Why did this mixtape low key get buried?

The entire tape was fucking legendary.

Why did it work?

Because, Wiz and Spitta are the most enjoyable, entertaining, and warm hearted stoners you can put together.

retweeted immediately.
  • How Fly – Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y
Playing weekly in SpreadQuarters.

& you already know this is the track on there.

“Lace em up like my new balance and keep flying.”

The most loyal and traditional bro in the city. Same cats in his music videos that were in them 10 years ago. Do the homework. Jet Life is taking the fuck off right by us.


Free Mouth Friday

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The Westbank looks to stay relevant…
Seth Beer may be their only hope.
Will the Westbank ever win again?
HTM Undressed 105

Free Mouth Friday XVIII

presented by Hold The Mayo.

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