Free Mouth Folktale: When You Gonna Drop?

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Free Mouth Folktale: Boosie Bad Azz

How ya drop right after you asked when you gonna drop? Just going all the way dumb with it. Plain and simple. The dumb way don’t get mentioned or discussed without acknowledging the golden child. Free Mouth Friday XV is back tonight and I’m honored to present our folktale for the episode. It was coming sooner or later.

Boosie Bad Azz

“Got them yellow eyes like my fuckin’ daddy eyes.”

Don’t care what anyone wants to talk about with controlling themselves. Boosie tracks come on and it’s time to get straight stupid. THAT is the native Louisiana way for anyone who was born in the late 80’s early 90’s. Trill tracks fucking slapped.

  • Certified King of Baton Rouge
  • Trill Entertainment (Pimp C prodigy)
  • 13 albums
Boosie & Webbie
Name a better Louisiana duo.
  • 5 dope ass films
  • a fuck ton of legendary mixtapes
  • beat murder charges
  • The best interview one could desire

What’s Bad Azz up too?

Tryna make sure his social media presence is consistent and not lacking with abrupt pauses by zuckenburger.

Boosie Speilberg

I’m fortunate as fuck to be living and watching the Lil Boosie Bad Azz DVD on YouTube right now.

One of my favorite fucking films ever made.

This was true Baton Rouge reality television.

Only one film maker ever had the juice to get in the dead ass streets of Baton Rouge and film something like this right here.

Bad Azz.

1,671,638 views just ain’t enough.

Young Savage

Can’t ever finish a fucking minute without mentioning Webbie when talking about our folktale for the night. Young Savage had that vibe that made ya wanna just say it back to the radio. I was always on board for Webbie, wait excuse me Coach Webbie.

  • Ghetto StoriesBoosie & Webbie

One incredible fucking duo album.

I’m so hyped right now I gotta take 50% off these fucking shirts so we can gear up and throw up our fours.

“When You Gonna Drop?”

Free Mouth Friday XV

10:00 PM

Live tonight in SpreadQuarters.

  • Best performer wins mayo
  • Name That Tune wins mayo


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