Free Mouth Friday On HTM Undressed 216: The Game Changed

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HTM Undressed 216

The 6x FMF Champion was revived last night on HTM Undressed 216 live from SpreadQuarters. Greatest city in the world.

HTM Undressed 216

Lawd knows them boys needed to bring nothing short of their entire souls to beat this fella who keeps running through the jar. Young Larry Hoover capped off his third title this year with an impeccable performance last week. Kid has bars and he came with more last night.

HTM 212 (last week)
3x FMF Champion
Young Larry Hoover

One slow and concerning night caught fire in the form of several dawgs calling in a row. This show ain’t no fucking joke no more.

Folks like Tootie Griffin didn’t stand a chance. Hate to say it.

Brady Morgan put on one of his best performances and won’t even finish top three in the HTM 216 rankings. Sad day for the northshore.

The New Sheriffs

  • The Home Inspector (2x Champ)
  • Cousin Eddie (frequent runner up)
  • Cousin Larry

& they all came to play on 216.

Who prevailed?

Cousin Eddie
Cousin Larry
The 360 Home Inspector


The game has fucking changed.

Without a co-judge in Wesley Presssley last night my job as primary judge was fucking brain boggling. Which is why I’ll announce the winners right now in this very blog. Talent was bar none, congrats.

HTM Undressed 216
The Return of The Reaper

HTM 216 Awards

Top Performer – Cousin Eddie

Cousin Eddie
Y’all peep Henry & Larry’s Regular Reviews

Runner Up – Young Larry Hoosier

Third Place – The Reaper

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