Free Mouth Friday X: Drunk Talent

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HTM Undressed 116: Free Mouth Friday X

The weekend started with flapping gums on Free Mouth Friday X last night live from SpreadQuarters. The 3x FMF Champion Reaper wasted no time dropping a complete donut score in defense, and that was enough to leave this night wide open for any holder to take the moment.

For the most of these cats,

They should be totally embarrassed and ashamed with themselves.

Jim Mora comments on Phase 3 failure.

Especially with this whole name that tune everlasting debacle. This isn’t a hard fucking game. Name three generic songs, but there has to be such thing as themes and eras. Well, that whole theme and era thing fucked our guys and gals up last night.

Tragic Efforts

Joe Show – Meet Virginia by Train

Saw a ghost.

Lionel – What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong


Doug – Imagine by John Lennon

“Shit man, that’s like some church music.”

Dardis – Stand by Me by Otis Redding

“I know this song, but I’m drunk”

Keith Daigle – Can’t Get Enough by Barry White

“Barry White, Feel like making love? Na, Na, Na…I’m close huh?”

F.M.F X Biggest Dweebs


For those saying “they fucking with you” please understand that they do not know the correct answer so they proceed to just shout out pea brain thoughts.

FMF Efforts

As you can hear in the clip above, this shit came down to Turni and the frequent bar spitta and burger flippa, Ben Collier.

Lemme say this, I’ve enjoyed editing this fucking show in particular because it allows me to really fucking make something with the dudes who gimme something to work with. Both these fellas do that well. I laughed my fucking dick off at Turni’s entire presentation.

For anyone who doesn’t think that matters?

Fuck you.

I’m out here tryna get letters back from bake show.

Tired of you assholes critiquing a two hand operation. Come brand with me for a day and then we can talk about what the Free Mouth Friday winning requirements should look like. As of now, I consider the following:

  • Creativity
  • Delivery
  • Uniqueness
  • Variation from previous efforts
  • Comedy
  • References
  • Story Telling
  • Bizarreness
  • Ability to work with a certain beat
  • Authenticity

Go catch a sandwich.

Free Mouth Friday X
Awards & Winners

Another week with not a single name that tune winner, and a week that came down to two gentleman that are familiar to our audience.

Ben Collier
Ben’s Burgers

Adam Turni
Northshore News

F.M.F Results

  1. Adam Turni
    – F.M.F Performer Of The Night
  2. Ben Collier
    – F.M.F X Run It Up
  3. Todd Doucet
    – Comeback Holder Of The Night

Mayo Mention
John Teller
“I’m just here to kick bars. Might do Lupe or Lamar, Jimi Hendrix with the guitar. Off my rocker like Ozzy Osborne or ya stupid kids who didn’t know who he even was before.”

F.M.F Bar Choke Award

HTM Undressed 116: Free Mouth Friday X

Brady Morgan & Seth Beer

Along side Reaper, who has won this event three times, these two vets surely let down the jar last night. Totally embarrassed and ashamed of these two men.

Don’t let some asshole on the road embarrass you.


Call Tommy Badeaux and he will get you clarity.

F.M.F Power Bars

  1. Ben Collier +2
  2. The Reaper -1
  3. Adam Turni +1
  4. Sid Vicious -2
  5. Todd From WB +2
  6. Seth Beer -1
  7. Keith Daigle +4 N/R prev.
  8. Brady Morgan -2
  9. Lionel +2 (returned)
  10. Joe Show +1

Embrace the competition.


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